Holly Horning, a former Michigander, was born to write about the Tigers.  Afterall, her first job was working for Little Caesar’s Pizza in high school.  And her first pet was a feline named Kaline, a natural retriever.  Today, she is an experienced image and branding consultant; a profession that serves her well in providing analysis about the guys who wear the Old English D.

Holly peels back the layers of the game to reveal the details that tend to go unnoticed by most fans.  After all, who really watches the body language, verbal and non-verbal communication, behaviors of the managers and players or even the pigeons that happen to find themselves in the infield?  Well, Holly does, and she does it well.

In college, Holly studied with sports economist, Andrew Zimbalist, and maintains an avid interest in the financial aspects of baseball.   She’ll analyze marketing, branding, and major league money and how all of it impacts decisions made on the field and off more than most realize.  While she constantly dabbles in the dealing, intrigue, strategy and power plays in baseball, her friends feel it’s because she’s been working in Washington, DC too long.  She dedicates her blog to her family who frankly, have been wishing for more time alone.

Kurt Bio PictureKurt Snyder is a writer trapped in the chaotic world that is the automotive industry.   His journalism degree, an anomaly at any automaker, has been an untapped talent ready to be unleashed on all who dare to read. He is now ready to shout to the masses his unique perspective on baseball, the Tigers and of course a strong almost annoying defense of Tiger Stadium, which he just can’t seem to shake.

Kurt’s contribution to this blog will be completely driven by being brought up in a baseball family.   After all, his dad, Ralph Snyder, spent 46 years working for the Tigers and managed the late, great Tiger Stadium for 22 years.   This is the cornerstone which drives all his passion for the sport.

In a world where baseball is viewed by many to be boring and too slow to watch, this flies in the face of what Kurt loves about the game.   His appreciation for the “game within the game” is what floats his boat.   As maddening as the game can be, he is a glutton for punishment and admittedly wouldn’t want it any other way.   And everything that he contributes to this endeavor will be dedicated to his father who taught him everything he knows.

Alex Hosmar, is an Arizona native and fairly-recent transplant to the East Coast. He is the techo-wizard of the Totally Tigers website and without him, Kurt and Holly would still be using fax machines to send out their blogs.

Alex is a true Renaissance man, leading a life filled with study, music, internships, social media work and unicycling. (Yes, really.) He’s also a sports fan and grew up rooting for the Diamondbacks but we prefer to believe it was all because of Gibby and Tram.

Other than the unfortunate incident of being spotted wearing an opponent’s jersey on Facebook, Alex has been near perfect in creating and updating the website and Facebook pages for Totally Tigers. And he has done it all with grace and a smile on his face despite having to deal with two bloggers who now realize they should have majored in computer science.

Alex is locked into a long-term, no-trade contract with Totally Tigers overseeing and expanding the site as we continue to grow. But, shhh! We haven’t told him that yet.

But we’d love to share him with the world. He’s been our godsend and he can be yours, too. If you need help getting a social media platform or website off the ground, feel free to contact him at: