Why Totally Tigers?


With all the baseball blogs out there, why another one? What makes us unique? Well, we feel there’s a need to bring more to the table than just scores, standings and trades. We want to pose questions that will make readers think.

A Different Perspective

Local writers are limited by editors and access. National writers don’t have the time to dig below the basics. And how many blogs offer perspectives that incorporate actual performance, finance and Front Office strategy? We’ll cover topics in more detail and touch on subjects that might earn reporters swirlies by management and players alike. This is what happens when we’re given keyboards and high-speed internet.

Not the Same Old Stuff

Take a long-term Tiger fan who has a background in sports economics and also analyzes trends, patterns, body language, behavior and communication for a living.  The team may be saying one thing, but does what happen in the dugout confirm or contradict their statements?  And much of the what the team does comes from what is happening in executive offices and boardroom meetings.

The Game Within the Game

If you’re a baseball fan, you know what this means. It can cover a wide range of topics. Who’s warming up in the bullpen? Why are they warming up in the bullpen? Do we want anyone warming up in the bullpen? Please don’t bring HIM in from the bullpen! Yeah, you know the drill.

Let Us Entertain You

If Miggy can yuck it up during games, why can’t we? Especially after those games we wish to forget because, as we all know, “there is no crying in baseball!” Sometimes we just need some humor therapy.  Especially during those rebuilding years.

This Is Your Blog

Ever wish you could tell baseball writers what topics they should address? Consider our blog to be the written equivalent of your fantasy baseball team, where you can determine what we write about. Email us your thoughts. An occasional nice comment or two wouldn’t hurt either.

Your Daily Baseball Fix

Consider Totally Tigers that cruller to go with your morning coffee. We publish every day except for the major holidays or when Holly needs to attend a major shoe sale at Neiman’s.