There’s an interesting discussion going on in the baseball world that picked up in intensity given the latest CBA catastrophe coupled with several teams willing to spend the national debt in order to buy that championship trophy.

It’s being done in sports – just not in baseball.

It would help solve the problems created by owners who embrace tanking and cutting payroll.  It would also help players with their salaries and solve all those little nasty issues surrounding Competitive Balance Tax and revenue sharing that have owners fuming.

The inspiration?

European soccer.

It is being suggested that baseball could move to this format.
It would involve having the same teams, same players and the same minor leagues.

But the divisions would change.  Instead of the National and American Leagues, it would be the Championship League and the Rebuilding League. (Official names to be determined.)

The former would include teams willing to spend and having a commitment to winning.  The latter would prefer to trim payroll and play for the future.

The Championship League (CL) would play for the World Series.  The best 1-2 teams of the Rebuilding League (RL), depending upon their record in comparison to the CL, would get a chance to participate in the World Series.

Every year, the worst 1-2 teams in the CL would move to the RL for the next season.  Likewise, the best 1-2 teams in the RL would move up to the CL.

The goal is that almost every team would have something for which to play.  Incentives to play well would increase.

It would also urge teams to move faster in trying to contend and help prevent teams from adopting a constant rebuilding strategy.

It might also make for more exciting baseball.

The CL would probably include the Angels, Astros, Blue Jays, Braves, Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers, Giants, Mets, Nationals, Padres, Phillies, Red Sox, Twins and Yankees.

The RL would have Athletics, Brewers, Diamondbacks, Indians, Mariners, Orioles, Pirates, Rangers, Rays, Reds, Rockies, Royals, Tigers and White Sox.

Other than the best of the RL, the rest of that league could adopt a college world series style of competition that could give the winner a chance to move up into the CL.

What do you think?  Would you like to see this new format?

Today’s blog addresses this dilemma and allows readers to share their thoughts in more detail.  And hopefully, to actively engage with others by responding to their posts and creating back-and-forth discussion threads.  The more the merrier!

For this one blog only, you’ve got 6 sentences max to share your thoughts.  Of course, you can respond to as many other readers as you want.

TT will supply the ammunition.  One thought-provoking question.  Several options provided.  One hard choice to be selected.  One vote.


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15 thoughts on “DEEPER DISCUSSIONS

  1. We’re almost there with this proposal to ensuring everyone gets a chance to win and the logical next step is to ban teams from competing in the CL if they win 2 (or 1?) series until every team has at least played in one series, true equality. Yes, owners who are willing to break the bank can load their teams up and we all can see how well that’s worked recently for the Yankees, Angels, and Dodgers who won it only in 2020 the COVID series (60 game season). Instead, we see Braves, Nationals, Astros, Cubbies and even Tampa have won or been close. If, to be a Tiger fan. you must have them win it all every x number of years, you are not a fan just a follower, my hat off to the Cub’s fans that held off until 2016.

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  2. I voted no. Sounds great at first but without inter-league play I fear fans in some cities would never see championship caliber players. Wealthy big market teams (mostly on the coasts) would dominate the championship league while small market teams (generally in “fly-over” country) would be relegated to playing for a “chance” to play with the big boys. Welcome to the minor leagues, Detroit.

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  3. If this is based on willingness to spend, the White Sox and Twins in the wrong divisions. Sportrac shows the White Sox are 7th in total payroll while the Twins are 18th (below the Tigers). Would teams in the RL be required to charge fans less for tix, beer, and food since their payrolls are lower? Would they get a smaller share of TV revenue? If so, how would they ever get the $ to spend more, but if not why should fans pay CL prices for RL product? Not a fan of this idea.

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    • Hi, Spartan – In projected payroll for the year, the Twins will end up spending more on payroll than the Tigers. But this system is based upon the willingness to spend and commitment to winning. Both the Chisox and Twins have ramped up their payrolls significantly and all but said they are “going for it.” The Tigers have not gone that far yet, thus the divide. – Holly

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  4. I am not sure how this incentivizes an Owner to build a winning team at a time when all they are trying to do is maximize profits. I can see it penalizing a team that is trying to win but is losing due to a lot of injuries, ala the Tigers this year. Making the amount of payroll the determining factor as to the league you are assigned to compete in is unfair. Look at the Tampa Bay Rays.

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    • HI, Robert – It’s not just the money that puts a team in one league. And not every team is trying to maximize profit. Studies show that the more teams spend, the less profit they make. Case in point: the Tigers under Mike Ilitch. They lost money every year despite bringing in 3 mill fans, their tv contract and playoffs. In the case of the Rays, they would start off in the RL but given their historically solid performance, would move up to the CL – maybe even after 1 year. They get rewarded for their performance. – Holly

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  5. Thanks for this Holly, as I only had a vague idea of how soccer “relegation” works from watching “Ted Lasso”! I voted “yes” as I think it puts the “tear down” artists in higher relief. As we have painfully learned in Detroit, the media will actually extol the wisdom of franchises and general managers who lose with a passion for better draft picks. With the Tigers we see that the “rebuild” in with an unskilled architects can create a zombie team for years. Still we fans are scolded by the press that a “rebuild isn’t linear” or that “this is what a rebuild looks like.” If a tanking franchise is flailing away against other tankers it is harder for for the Illitchs and Avilas to hide behind the smokescreen.

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  6. I voted no. I am in favor of a max salary cap and a min salary floor. Stop teams from buying a WS and force teams to be somewhat competitive. Of course there’s no guarantee teams will spend wisely.

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  7. Like Hughie I also learned about relegation watching Ted Lasso. It’s a great idea. Either way we would still be bringing up the rear, I suspect.

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  8. I think it would be more direct to figure out the mean of all MLB team salaries and make that the set figure for how much any given individual owner, owner group, consortium of owners, or corporation could spend on fielding a team. Create that hard cap on team salaries and eliminate the Competitive Salary Tax which doesn’t work anyway. This would level the field between large and small markets and still allow a team to overly spend on any given franchise player.

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  9. Go for it. Tired of seeing everything tied to money. However, the lowly teams would never be able to get high caliber players to come to their teams.

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  10. Feeling the love today for all Florida Marlin fans. Despite sitting four games ahead of our beloved Detroit Tigers at this point in the season, it appears they have been disbanded as they haven’t a league to participate in! 😊 I’m not a fan of Fantasy Leagues in general and this proposal appears to be in the same vein and voted accordingly.


  11. For the informed fan it’s pretty much what we have now. It just makes it more honest. An Englishman said this to me some twenty years ago. Each division as one or two real teams. The rest are pretending. Once in a while they come up for air into the top league. Our play offs. It’s how I’ve looked at it ever since.


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