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6 thoughts on “OPEN MIKE!

  1. How do our two bloggers see the future infield. Paredes has shown to be a keeper, good plate discipline at 21 and is known for his bat. To me looks like his body will not allow him to have enough range at SS or 2B. Candelario, a 3B by trade has been forced to 1B and getting better every day. Torkelson has always played 1B but the Tigers are moving him to 3B. And how do you see Willy Castro as the future SS? TY

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  2. Not everyone likes to perform in front of a large audience. I’m wondering how many players are more relaxed this year with no fans at the games. Guys like Zach Greinke come to mind. Even a few Tigers seem much more relaxed although I’ve no clue as to their personalities. Candelario and Reyes certainly seem different this year but maybe their just maturing as ball players.

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    • Interesting thought. As a professional musician, I have always felt more pressure playing for my colleagues than for an audience. But then, in my world it is exceedingly rare (though not entirely unheard of) to hear booing.

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    • Zach Greinke has battled social anxiety for most of his career and there have been many stories published about it. This year he seems more relaxed with no fans in the stands (or taunts coming from them) and has been dominate as a pitcher.

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