The Saturday Survey offers readers the opportunity to weigh in on a relevant topic.   So here is a poll to gauge the pulse of our baseball-lovin’ peeps.

Today, we center the discussion on the team’s 3 recent call-ups from Toledo.  We look forward to our readers  initial thoughts on the performances of Casey Mize, Tarik Skubal and Isaac Paredes, to this point.

As always, we welcome your comments, so please vote and then submit your reasons  (4 sentences max!) for how you voted in the usual comment box.  Don’t forget to come back later and view the results!

The Tigers finally brought up 3 of their top prospects – Mize, Skubal and Paredes – 12 days ago.  No one can expect any rookie to perform consistently and well at first as adjustments play a big part in how quickly he adapts and learns.

Do these 3 offer hope?  Are you excited to see them?  Or, do you have doubts?

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10 thoughts on “THE SATURDAY SURVEY

  1. I went with too soon to tell. They haven’t set the world on fire but to be fair I think this season is an unusually difficult year for a player to debut given the layoff after spring training 1.0 then going to the Toledo intra-squad camp, rather than playing against other teams which would have made them sharper. Hopefully they will find their groove now.

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  2. I voted “not sure” because I have not seen them play. I’m not watching games. Now, due to recent events outside of MLB that has affected games, I have more reason not to tune into this stuff. I’ll read the box scores but overall, I don’t miss the game. I wish these prospects all the luck in the world and hope they can help build a winner here. That’s key to winning my fandom back someday.

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  3. I voted mixed bag because neither of the pitchers has shown me any more than the staff we have. I’m optimistic about Paredes because he’s shown some plate discipline and a knack for performing under pressure. Still, it really is too soon to tell but you have to find your sunshine where you can.

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  4. I voted Disappointed. With everybody telling us how great these players would be, I was half expecting another Mike Trout-type player with Mize, and something a little less than that for the others.Over-hyped and under-delivered is what we got. These guys are performing worse than what we already had. Excuses are for losers. Covid-19, no fans, limited travel, playing only a few teams. All are excuses. These guys are young and should be gung-ho to perform. I don’t see it. Not yet.


  5. Anyone else remember Justin Thompson from the late 1990s during the reign of Randy Smith? Supposed to be a mainstay of the staff? Didn’t work out in Detroit, so he is a memory that leads me “holding my breath” about the supposed arms on the farm. Hopefully, Justin Verlander’s comments on learning from early pitching challenges will apply to these guys.

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  6. I won’t presume to predict their future, but they are the first call-ups I have seen in a long time who look like they have a real chance of making meaningful contributions on a contending team.

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  7. It is too soon to tell but just being on the team is a pleasant surprise. I was quickly losing interest in the team with so few bright spots. Now with there are enough young prospects, that MAY be part of the future, that it is worth my time to check in. One of the best parts of baseball is watching young talent develop into your favorite players.

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  8. Too soon for me. It’s nice to have them up for purposes of seeing them and inserting some interest in this weird year. I’m stuck in my skepticism over the organization’s ability to develop or train anything, especially promising talent. So, especially for that reason, it’s too soon for me.

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  9. Serviceable major Leaguers, more or less. As an old trainer/teacher/evaluator. We’ve brought them up to varying degrees of success. Now time will answer their value….wait and see.

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  10. As a retired trainer in restaurants and factory’s….(nothing beats years like 1984)that said…I love the era were entertaining….the development stage. Seeing how our predictions play out. It’s like the last card in a poker game.


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