Once again, readers get a chance to make their own decisions about the Tigers.  So You Want to Be the Manager? offers you that opportunity.

The segment puts our readers to the test in determining how they would handle decisions as the skipper.   So let’s see what your next assignment is as Tiger manager!

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The Tiger farm system is loaded with quality pitching, which is something that is encouraging for the future.   But from a positional standpoint, they are lacking.  That’s why the last 2 Tiger first round draft picks have been position players.  What we have seen of Riley Greene is very exciting and encouraging.  And Spencer Torkelson?  Well, he was drafted #1 and immediately became the Tigers’ top prospect.

But what about  Isaac Paredes?  He arrived from the Cubs’ organization as part of the trade that brought Detroit Jeimer Candelario in exchange for Justin Wilson and Alex Avila.    

In just a handful of games, Paredes has impressed everyone since his promotion to the big club.   His discipline at the plate is really unmatched by so many others on this Tiger roster.   He appears to be a keeper and his strength is at the plate.   However, his defense at third base has some cracks. 

Earlier in the season, Jeimer Candelario moved from third to first base to fill the vacancy left by the injured C.J. Cron.   He has done a fair job at first, but he had actually been playing a very good third base before Cron’s injury.  And secondly, his offense has really picked up.

So, if you are the manager, what is going through your mind when it comes to Paredes and Candelario?  It’s your team to field.  Would you make any changes?

Please participate in the survey in order to state your case.  Don’t forget to come back and check the results and include your comments that support your choice.

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15 thoughts on “SO YOU WANT TO BE THE MANAGER?

  1. Leave Candy at 1B, see if he can hack it. Let Paredes play multiple positions for now with regular days off and see if his offense develops. Last point, it makes no difference when they cancel the season which WILL be before the playoffs.


  2. Candelario back to 3B, Paredes DH. Miguel Cabrera can have his release or a bench position. Hitting .200 with no power or speed isn’t cutting it.

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  3. Let’s see what happens during this non-season season. Candelario is a space holder and we have not seen enough of Paredes. Greene only made it to Single A where he batted .219 in 24 games. Let’s take a breath and remember Jake Rogers.

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  4. I would make no changes at this time. Paredes is a green rookie with a good bat but he may have weaknesses at the plate that will require more work to correct. His defense is adequate. Candelario has made himself into a very good fielder and his hitting is improving too. Assuming Torkelson is our future at first or third means we have 3 players for 2 positions. Not the worst situation I can imagine by a long shot. I can see a trade in a year or two where the Tigers offer either Candelario or Paredes for an established major league outfielder.

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  5. I voted Candelario back to 3B and Paredes to 2B. Then I’d bring up Torkelson for 1B (his natural position) to see what he can do against MLB pitching in what’s left of this “throw-away” season. Another option would be Frank Schwindel at 1B because the guy can hit. I’d also like to see Riley Greene get a shot before the “season” is over.

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    • I have seen this proposed before, but I am not convinced that a guy who has poor range for a third baseman will not be a bigger liability at second.


      • Good point and lots to consider in such a move. He’s got some minor league experience at 2B and those stats aren’t too bad (but a small sample size). Perhaps his arm is more of a factor than his range. Time will tell.


  6. There is a saying: “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Candelario’s performance at first base has exceeded expectations, as had Paredes’ performance at third base. As the Tigers’ manager, I would devote more time to getting 4/5 of my starting pitching rotation off their bicycles with training wheels. Boyd, Fuller, Mize, and Skubal have averaged only four (4) innings per start.. None of those four starters has even ONE (1) WIN !


  7. Paredes came over as a SS but I think his big body will not allow him to play there or at 2B, Right now I see him as a natural 3B. To me Candyman is playing pretty good 1B and the problem is not this year but it could be if the Tigers decide to keep CJ Cron in 2021. It mostly depends on how Candy hits. If Schoop gets traded we’ll see more of the Castro boys play 2B with WIlly platooning at SS where he might stick for the future.


  8. Paredes really reminds me of Jhonny Peralta – I think he’s more of a 2B/3B candidate, but I would prefer him even at SS over Nico (who should be a super sub IMO). For the rest of this season I would leave Candy at 1B and see if that bat continues to stay hot. It at least gives them some options until Torkelson arrives. I would also ask my GM to open up the check book and sign Schoop to play 2B for at least a couple more years.

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  9. I voted Candy to 3B & Paredes to 2B but I’m still not sold that Candy is a permanent fixture going forward. He was hot for a couple months in 2018 and had been MIA ever since until this recent hot stretch. I also think he’s a bit short to be an ideal 1B.


  10. I am not convinced that Candelario can hit well enough to play either first or third; if he cannot be traded for anything real, give him the rest of the season to prove me wrong. If he hits, then the Tigers have three players for the two corner infield spots once Torkelson is in Detroit, and I see two alternatives for addressing this. One is to honor Miggy with a lovely retirement ceremony and have the three kids rotate at the corner infield positions and DH. The other is to take the most mobile of the three (Torkelson?) and give him a corner outfield role, which will spare us from having to watch Stewart continue to founder.


  11. As the Tiger’s manager, I do nothing. My agent has already been in contact with the Pittsburgh Pirates about my coming there. Jim Leyland put in a good word for me there, and the Pirates have offered me a good contract. So I am outta here in October!

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