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What has surprised you most about the Tigers so far this season?  Explain.

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At some point, if you want to stay in the game, you need to recognize the brains behind the technological end of the business.  Just in case you were wondering who keeps us up and running, well, it’s Alex Hosmar.  And he can write, too!

So we have given Alex the opportunity to take the spotlight for a bit and give us a rundown of the Tiger game from Sunday afternoon.  Alex attended the game and has provided one heck of an analysis from a detailed game account to some tidbits from the crowd.   Take it from here Alex!

By:  Alex Hosmar

Typically, my role with Totally Tigers has been under the hood, making sure the site is operational and aesthetically pleasing, so that each day, you are able to immerse yourself with some of the best opinions and commentary there are about the Tigers.

But on Sunday, with the added privilege of viewing the game live from the stands, I had the honor of writing this post, recounting the 3-2 victory at Comerica Park. Because let’s face it, writing every day is a tall task, and Holly and Kurt could use a day off!

So, what about the game?

Well, this was a fast game with few stoppages, as the Tigers’ pitching staff ruled the day. After getting to the ballpark and reading the scouting report, it dawned on me that long reliever, Blaine Hardy, would get another start to allow Jordan Zimmermann to rest his shoulder. Like most spot starts, you just hope he can keep the team in the game.

Instead, Hardy gave the Tigers 7 strong innings, giving up 3 hits, issuing only one walk, striking out 6, and retiring the last 14 batters he faced. The hardest decision Ron Gardenhire had to make was whether or not to put Hardy out there for the 8th. Other than one mistake with his fastball to Yolmer Sanchez, who plated a run on a 3rd inning triple to tie the game, Chicago’s offense could not solve Hardy’s arsenal.

Joe Jimenez came on in relief to strike out the side in the 8th inning, which set up Shane Greene for the save opportunity. In what looked like a sure-fire save, with 2 strikes and 2 outs and the crowd on their feet, Jose Rondon roped a home run into the Tiger bullpen to make it 3-2. But despite this setback and walking the next batter, Greene settled down to record the final out, clinching not just the game, but a series win over the White Sox.

As for the offense, the Tigers did just enough to win the game, but unforced errors on both sides made the score closer than it needed to be. Grayson Greiner opened the scoring with an RBI double in the 4th inning, which marked the most consecutive games a Tiger has hit a double since 1934!

With runners on 2nd and 3rd and one out after Greiner’s double, the Tigers had an opportunity to open up the game early against James Shields. But just as the crowd was getting into the game, John Hicks was picked off at 3rd (yes, 3rd base) for the 2nd out of the inning, taking the sacrifice fly out of the equation.

And, as luck would have it, a few pitches later, Jose Iglesias flew out to deep right-center to end the inning. What should have been 2-0 Tigers was only 1-0.

In the next half inning, after Chicago had tied the game, another run appeared to score on a dropped 3rd strike past Greiner. But after a video review between innings, MLB announced as the Tigers were coming to bat that due to batter interference, Jose Rondon was called out, and the run was wiped off the board—a huge break for the Tigers.

After looking at the replay, the tip of Rondon’s bat clipped Greiner’s helmet, something even the umpires didn’t catch in real time.

But the hero of the day was Nicholas Castellanos, who plated the 3rd Tiger run in the 5th inning to give them a 3-1 lead, which after the home run given up by Greene in the 9th, proved to be the game-winner.

Not only did he win the game, but he did so on his bobble head afternoon with family and friends in the stands! Sunday’s game was a sound effort, both offensively and defensively. The pitching staff threw strikes and timely hitting proved to be the recipe for victory on this incredibly hot Detroit afternoon.

How about off the field?

While the crowd may have looked sparse, any shaded area, whether it be the updated Pepsi Porch, Kaline’s Corner (definitely recommend), luxurious club seating, or even stands underneath the upper deck overhang were packed with passionate fans who were engaged and excited to see the Tigers.

Speaking to fans at the game and overhearing conversations around me, there is still talk of the past, but also a greater sense of optimism for more impressive performances by the new guard of Tigers, particularly Blaine Hardy, who could make the case for a starting rotation spot with performances like these.

Interestingly enough, Miggy’s lengthy stint on the DL did not even come up until I brought it up.  But the couple I spoke to seemed more fixated on Joe Jimenez as he struck out the side.

Let’s face it, it’s tough to roam the grounds of Comerica Park without thinking about the past. The statues of Tiger greats in center field are a popular photo-op for spectators. But my favorite trip down memory lane was experiencing the interactive exhibits in the lower concourse, recounting the World Series victories, filled with newspaper headlines, informational graphics, and priceless images that define Tiger history (cue vintage Gibby in 1984 with both fists in the air).

Of course, many fans still wear Gibson, Trammell or Kaline on their back or gear with the circular “Mr. I” patch worn by the Tigers and Red Wings after their beloved owner and leader passed on last year.

While the loss of Mr. I and the effects of the recent trade deadline fire-sales are undoubtedly still in the minds of Tiger fans, Sunday’s game wasn’t just a great example of what’s to come on the field, but also a fan base that is fully focused on the future.

A healthy dose of reverence for those who brought the Tigers organization to this point can never hurt, but that no longer consumes as much bandwidth as it once did. Who knows, the newest statue could be playing right now.

Now…back under the hood!


By:  Kurt Snyder & Holly Horning

The Tigers have been anything but boring this season. And there have been a handful of contributors who have helped to keep the team above water as they compete in, so far, what has been a pretty weak Central Division. And some appear to be keepers for the future.

On this Tuesday, our writers have a question to ponder. If you are new to Totally Tigers, please note that Kurt and Holly do not share their answers in advance with each other in an attempt to give you, the reader, a wider range of perspectives.

Here’s our topic for today.

The Tigers are rebuilding. Given the 25-man roster, and including those currently on the DL, which 10 players would you keep (contracts notwithstanding) if the Tigers intend on becoming competitive in 3 years?


Picking 10 was beyond tough. But these are the guys, Miggy included, that we have learned a lot about. I surprised myself when I looked at the list, given guys like Goodrum and Hicks have made it; guys who helped to mainly fill out the roster.

The inclusion of Cabrera is further evidence of my defiance against all who feel he can’t still make a big difference with this club.

Matthew Boyd

Michael Fulmer

Joe Jimenez

Jeimer Candelario

Jose Iglesias

Jacoby Jones

Grayson Greiner

Niko Goodrum

John Hicks

Miguel Cabrera


Making this list really shows just how far away the Tigers are from being competitive. I could only come up with 4 players who show they have the tools to perform well. I then added 4 players who show potential, are young and making minimal salary but it is still too early to comfortably list their names in ink. As for the last 2 spots, I have to leave those blank. Having to fill 21 roster spots in a mere 3 years, even with 4 potential candidates, is one very tall order.

Matthew Boyd

Jeimer Candelario

Michael Fulmer

Niko Goodrum

Grayson Greiner

John Hicks

Joe Jimenez

JaCoby Jones

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On this Memorial Day weekend, while we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country, here is a blog from 6 weeks ago. Still as relevant today as when it was first written. And a refresher in advance of Wednesday’s blog that questions the extent of the Tigers’ rebuild.


Totally Tigers

By:  Holly Horning

Tiger fans are expecting another year where famous and familiar faces will be leaving the team at some point this summer. Players like Nicholas Castellanos and Jose Iglesias who will be traded because of impending free agency.

Iggy is a free agent after this year and currently makes over $6 mill/year. It’s no secret that the Tigers have been trying to trade him for the past 2 years now.

Castellanos is due to become a free agent in 2 years but 2018 is the best year for trading him in order to get a higher return before he becomes a rental. He is also making over $6 mill this year and arbitration, should he stay next year, will zoom to somewhere around $9-$10 mill. There have also been stories that report the Tigers tried to extend him and he refused.

But when he was asked, Nick said…

View original post 946 more words


By:  Holly Horning & Kurt Snyder

The Tigers have returned home and as of Friday began a stretch of games where they will spend 18 of 21 at Comerica Park.

So, what caught the attention of our writers heading into the home stand?

Holly and Kurt don’t normally share their topics with each other in the interests of getting a wider range of perspective. During an interesting week, they could head in any direction.

Let’s see where they ended up based on what has transpired through Wednesday’s game in Minnesota.


They sure are dropping like flies, aren’t they? Nine Tigers in 8 weeks have succumbed to injuries and 5 of those players have extended their time on the DL. And 3 of those 9 are starting pitchers while at 1 time, 5 of the 8 field positions had players out due to injuries.

While 2 of them can be excused due to existing conditions or in-game accidents, the rest are classified as “strains” which are injuries to the soft tissue – muscles, tendons and ligaments. And if you talk with those in sports medicine, physical training, and physical therapy, they will tell you that when you have a lot of players within one group getting injured, it points to an imbalance in the training program – and possibly the failure to correct and improve body alignment resulting in repeated injury.

Strains, especially those that involve the team’s current list of hamstring, groin, oblique and quad injuries, are indicative of not enough work done to promote stretching and flexibility. In most cases, a pronounced focus on muscle-building, which shortens muscles, creates bulk and weakens stability and proper movement, is blamed for the inability to stretch muscles enough in order for athletes to perform the necessary movements.

The Tigers head trainers and conditioning team have been with the team forever – from 12 years to over 20 – and offer the same insights and approach without the input of fresh eyes. It is a bare-boned staff compared to other teams – and unlike those other teams, does not possess or require players to undergo core training (specific exercises, yoga, Pilates, etc.) until they get repeatedly injured like Miggy.


I found myself having to come to my senses this week as I scanned over the Central Division standings and wondered how on earth the Tigers could still be in contention.

It wasn’t a good week on the road, they have players hurt all over the field, and still found themselves 4 games out of first place.

This is what happens when, at one point, we were looking at a division, heading into Memorial Day weekend, with no one (yes, no one) playing .500 baseball. Even teams like the Tigers could find hope under that scenario, I guess.

But that’s where you need to splash your face with some cold water, because this team, even if they are hanging around in the Central heading into the trade deadline, will not be doing anything but selling at that point.

Our baseball team in Detroit, which may look like a division contender at that point, will not be after July 31st. After another purging, they will not resemble anything like a team sniffing the post season.

This is still a season about grinding away, getting better, and along the way, trying to get healthy. With so many injuries, more players are getting opportunities, but it’s not doing much for the win column.

But again, it’s not about that this year; forget the record and the standings. Just resist, I say – resist!

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microphoneIt’s Friday folks, which means it’s your day! This is the day for you to be heard. Today is the one day during the month where you get the opportunity to comment on the Tiger topic of your choosing.

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By:  Holly Horning

Ah, the rumors are picking up in intensity. You know the ones. The whispers about trading Michael Fulmer.

It is a topic that inspires passion among Tiger fans. A majority of them who feel that trading someone with this level of potential in order to get someone who might become another Michael Fulmer is an insane proposition. Especially when most don’t have confidence in Al Avila’s ability to trade or in the Front Office’s ability to scout.

The minority feel that the trade should happen in order to get a boatload of rebuilding talent. And their ranks are growing somewhat as Fulmer has recently been struggling a little.

But whether to trade or not, there are lots of other factors to consider. Trading or keeping Michael will each set off their own chain reactions that will go well beyond the roster. And in actuality, the Tigers need to be very careful about any trade because of what it will say about the team, the organization as a whole and the financials.

Part of Fulmer’s appeal to other teams is that he is under team control through 2022 and making only MLB-minimum salary this year with arbitration eligibility kicking in after this season. Analysts describe him as an “ace” for the Tigers but feel he would be a #2 for most other teams.

What this means is that the Tigers would probably receive a good and solid return on him, but not as much as fans would expect. And given that many are still upset over what the Tigers got for JD and JV, they may turn furious over this potential trade.

Interestingly enough, there are a number of teams with advanced analytics who feel that with their resources, they could vastly improve Fulmer’s performance. This is what the Astros were able to offer Justin Verlander. The same guy who went from 10-8 and a 3.82 ERA with the Tigers to a 5-0 and 1.06 ERA with Houston last year and currently has a 5-2 and 1.05 ERA record. The same guy who is routinely being named once again as the best pitcher in baseball.

One team that keeps coming up in the trade conversation is the “team that shall not be named.” You know, the one in NY. The team that wears pinstripes. The team with a highly prized farm system at the moment who could likely part with the quality of players that would make this deal happen.

But the Tigers organization has to think long and hard about trading one of the fans’ favorite players to a team they despise. Especially if Fulmer becomes really good. Let’s face it, fans are still complaining about the John Smoltz deal.

A trade of Fulmer, who has 4 years left before becoming a free agent, would also send a message to fans about the direction of the Tigers. And it’s not a good one. It’s one that says the Tigers don’t believe they will be anywhere near contention for at least the next 5 years. It’s a great way to motivate the paying fan base to seek out new hobbies.

There have been signs that Michael is being groomed to become the other franchise face now that Justin Verlander has departed. And this is important given that many no longer have the same positive feelings for Miguel Cabrera (the other franchise face). The J’s (Justin, Justin and JD) are now all gone and the other likely candidates, especially Castellanos, will likely be traded this season. If Fulmer goes, then who do the Tigers crown? That familiar face is needed for attendance and marketing.

Realistically, if the team does trade Fulmer, would they even have enough pitchers for their starting rotation? Historically, the Tigers have had to use 10-15 different starting pitchers over each of the past 4 years. And when you have Zimmermann and Norris both injured on a regular basis over the past 2 years (and currently both on the DL), how do you possibly find another replacement? And what about the rumors about trading Francisco Liriano?

Is there such a thing as a 3-man rotation? Making Blaine Hardy a starter so early in the season is a warning sign.

Analysts caution that there are currently so many teams who are doing poorly this year that most of them will be trying to unload players, creating a glut in the market. They anticipate that teams will be trying to trade earlier this season as a result. Will it be wise to trade Fulmer so soon when there are still questions about his potential and when it is believed that he is still trying to recover from arm surgery?

Yes, Michael remains the Tigers’ best and most valuable trade option. And when you have 2 current players with absolutely untradeable contracts (and eating up one-third of the total payroll), and a roster of rookies, Rule 5 and waiver-wire candidates, the options for rebuilding your farm system become much more slim.

But one of the biggest reasons for keeping Fulmer involves attendance. The Tigers, surprisingly, are putting a decent number of fannies in the seats. Fans are universally commenting that this team is more fun to watch than in previous years. The past home stand saw attendance figures that ran from near 20,0000 to over 24,000. Even beyond the weekends.

Trade away a solid piece of your rotation and replace him with a struggling unknown starter. Trade away Castellanos and Iglesias. Maybe also trade Liriano and Greene. Watch your team really tank. As well as your attendance.

The Tigers still have a payroll that ranks in the top half of MLB and the largest one by far in the AL Central. They need that attendance in order to help offset the past decade of yearly operations losses – the largest in MLB. Especially when they will be unable to trade away any other salaries of significance.

The real question to ask is how serious the Tigers are about rebuilding on a timely basis. And how much the financial requirements will guide the decision-making.

And that is a question for the owner, who may not want or plan on being around for the rebuilding process. He may have his eye focused on the books, instead of the team.

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By:  Kurt Snyder & Holly Horning

Plenty of storylines are playing out already this season when it comes to the Tigers and their interesting cast of characters. Production of one player may affect another or another, or another.

On this Tuesday, our writers have a question to ponder. If you are new to Totally Tigers, please note that Kurt and Holly do not share their answers to weekly topics in an attempt to give you, the reader, a wider range of perspective.

Here’s our topic for today.

Which player do you believe is going through the most interesting scenario currently? Explain!


Someone within the Tiger starting pitching rotation needed to emerge this season, and it would have to go beyond the ace of the staff.

Michael Fulmer will continue to be a trade candidate later this season. Francisco Liriano has pitched so well that his name has now begun to float around as a player of interest as well;  the primary goal for the Tigers when he was acquired. And Mike Fiers has had his moments and has earned his spot as the 5th starter on a depleted staff.

But no one has taken that step for the future like Matthew Boyd. He is growing in confidence, pitching deeper into games and right now is performing better than anyone else, including Michael Fulmer.

It’s interesting because heading into the regular season, Boyd and Daniel Norris had their usual battle brewing for a spot in the rotation. But who knew that one would emerge as not only a candidate for a spot, but the top spot on the staff?

Matthew Boyd has seized the moment which could determine the strategy the Tigers take at the trade deadline. Come August 1st, we may have no choice but to name him the ace, and not just by default; he may have earned it .


You’ve got players with contracts that dictate how they will be used, others who are expecting to be traded at some point this summer and a couple rookies expected to survive the rebuild. A potential outfield battle over LF that may be solved once Nick Castellanos gets traded and a shuffling of players around the SS and 2B positions once Iggy leaves.

And then there is John Hicks, who is hitting .359 in May with 3 HRs and sitting third in batting for the team after Miggy and Castellanos. He’s had the same number of plate appearances as Miggy (their numbers are eerily similar), he has more HRs (tied for team lead) and total bases and hit safely in his last 15 out of 18 games, batting .353, with 14 runs scored, 6 doubles, 3 HRs and 13 RBIs.

Meanwhile, you’ve got James McCann, who has played in 10 more games and with offensive stats that are less than his backup, is under increasing criticism from some in baseball for his skills behind the plate and is ranked by analysts as #29 out of 30 MLB catchers.

McCann is just 1 year younger than Hicks, makes $2.3 mill and will be arb-eligible next year while Hicks remains under club control, earns the MLB minimum salary and is acting and playing like he’s serious about staying and playing regularly.

The Tigers have been stockpiling catchers over the past 1+ year, including Grayson Grenier, for a reason so don’t be surprised if there is a changing of the guard behind the plate with a possible trade of McCann this year.

Given that Miggy will eventually return, will the Tigers be willing to allow Hicks’ bat to sit or will they give him more playing time? Could we potentially see Hicks take over the duties of the first-string catcher with Grenier as his backup?

Stay tuned – this should be interesting… and somewhat expected given that the Tigers’ have 3 catchers on their 25-man roster and are still looking to cut payroll.

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By:  Holly Horning

He usually doesn’t speak publicly. He has a reputation of avoiding the press and being reluctant to give interviews mostly based upon several messy incidents with alcohol and the law. And despite the fans’ desire to hear him speak, it’s probably a good thing he doesn’t.

Rut, roh.

Miggy has broken his silence over the past couple of weeks by giving 3 interviews. None of which have endeared him to fans. Or to ownership. Or, to the PR Department. The latter rumored to have every member currently curled into fetal positions as they try to dig out of this mess. The mess that happens when your remaining franchise player repeatedly expresses his unhappiness with where he is and the people who directly and indirectly pay for his massive contract.

But didn’t we know that something bad would happen again? Or did we think that Miggy had permanently left his poor public moments behind?

There were the troubles of 2009 that involved drinking, disorderly conduct, an arrest and spousal abuse. Followed by 2011’s DUI, public threats of violence and disobeying law enforcement. In both instances, he became angry when denied and was heard saying “Don’t you know who I am?”

A period of rest, or so we believe, until the mess of the second family that started to become public in late 2016, blew up in 2017 and continues into 2018.

And now, instead of laying low, Miggy has chosen this inopportune time to show his unhappiness and lack of gratitude. Never mind that some of his unhappiness may be justified. That is not the point. What needs to be remembered is that perception is reality.

It is a period of challenge and change for Miggy. A time when he can no longer control what happens to him and when pure, stupendous talent can no longer easily deflect the questions and criticisms.

And it’s easy to see why he may be unhappy:

– Lingering injuries

– A team in transition

– Declining skills

– The ageing process

– A team performing well without him

– A new manager unafraid of veteran players

– A World Series quest unfulfilled

– Recognition that another World Series is improbable

– Understanding that, unlike JV, Detroit remains his only option

But now, Miggy is experiencing an unvarnished evaluation of him, as a person. No longer able to hide completely behind the stats, his character must now take over some of the workload. And he is the last to understand this.

If we’re honest about it, Cabrera has been a selfish person for much of his career. Making his own needs a priority over those of others – his wife, two sets of children, playing with significant injuries that did not help the team and focusing on individual stat building instead of team success. And then there was the infamous partying with the opposing team that allowed the Tigers to lose a 3-game lead with 4 games left in the season, letting the AL Central title slip away.

This year, it was acknowledged he didn’t bother to learn many of his teammates names. Because, obviously, other people aren’t important to him or important enough for him to make the effort.

And often, people who are so focused on themselves are the ones who achieve greatness in their careers.

But now, in the wake of getting older and needing more time to recover from injuries, Miggy is feeling the pressure and finding it hard to cope and adjust. And when it is hard or even impossible to turn inward and take a critical eye to oneself, the frustration turns outward at others.

The resentment ends up being directed to those critical of him. The media and the fans primarily. It is how those unaware find a venue to make themselves feel better.

First is his statement that includes a broad generalization of fans being critical. Including fans who have supported him through the years with both their cheers and money. Money that made his gargantuan contract possible. Expenditures that often came with sacrifice.

Fans who also forgave him for his past transgressions from 2009 and 2011. If Miggy had played in a number of other cities during these times, fan bases would not have been as accepting and made his stay with those teams a living hell if not impossible.

And one would think that given today’s ongoing battle with marital infidelity, a mistress, 2 children and child support, that Miggy wouldn’t be attacking the people he really needs to support him. Other than the lawyers, that is.

But he also doesn’t see why certain supporters of the Tigers may be angry. The fact that he makes $160,000, an unfathomable sum for many, per day even when he’s not playing.

And when all is said and done, when he hangs up his cleats, Miggy will be MLB’s most expensive player ever in the history of the game. A professional income totaling over $400,000, 000. It’s not unreasonable for fans to rightly think that he’s the one who should be grateful. Mr. I, the Tigers and one of the best fan bases made his enviable lifestyle possible.

A sense of entitlement on his part? It sure appears to check all the boxes.

And that’s also part of the problem. And Miggy needs to have a reality check sooner rather than later because the worst is yet to come.

A contract that goes on for another 6-8 years at $30 – $32 million a pop as he progresses into his late 30’s and early 40’s. Higher and long-term salaries don’t mix well with increasing age and lowered production. The scrutiny and criticism will only grow. And there will be fans who will grow increasingly negative because his performance will not match up well with what he is being paid.

And many of these same fans will see his contract as the main stumbling block to developing a competitive team.

It is highly probable that Cabrera doesn’t yet realize any of this. It is the norm in any sport and is the price players pay for having such expensive contracts. No one is immune from the criticism that comes with the territory. And going forward, fans will not be as forgiving as they have in the past.

Miggy should know by now that when you malign fans with either words (VMart) or obscene gestures (Tyler Collins, Joe Nathan), it never goes well and you will never win. Someone needs to teach him the phrase “silence is golden.”

He needs to understand that much of the criticism he receives is based upon his own behavior – whether personal or professional. That fans are only willing to forgive for so much and for so long. That when you criticize those who have supported you, you will only lose their support and increase the voice of criticism.

Will Miggy realize this on his own? Probably not. We’ve seen him spend over a decade making bad personal decisions without thinking how they would impact his life. Some even repeated proving that he is unable to learn from his mistakes.

It’s logical to assume that a man who is unable to successfully manage his personal life is also unable to take an honest look inward to see how he is harming his future years with the team and with fans. And conceivably, the rift he has created could grow worse.

The Tigers, of course, have seen the growing problem and their PR department is now on overdrive trying to correct it. Miggy is unlikely to hire his own media specialist so the duty will fall upon the Tigers to keep him silent and away from anyone with a recording device.

That or invest in a case of duct tape. Because someone has to help Miggy understand that “silence is golden.”

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By:  Holly Horning & Kurt Snyder

The Tigers have hit the road after a successful home stand where they won 2 series versus the Mariners and Indians.

But, what caught the attention of our writers since then? It’s been an interesting week on the field and off, to say the least. Topics in baseball have come from every angle.

Holly and Kurt don’t normally share their topics with each other in the interests of getting a wider range of perspective. During an interesting week, they could head in any direction.

Let’s see where they ended up based on what has transpired through Thursday’s game in Seattle.


The Robinson Cano suspension for using a drug masking agent banned in MLB has created an incredibly large ripple across the game. First, seeing his stats historically and how they have skewed the importance of some of the game’s greatest players.

But then you learn that Melky Cabrera and Alex Rodriquez have been his best friends for years and inseparable when they played together for the Yankees. And now all 3, along with Andy Pettite and Francisco Cervelli, have been caught violating MLB’s drug policy and suspended. That’s 5 players, all connected to Biogenisis, cheating and winning a World Series ring in 2009 for NY.

And this week we learned that the Yankees reluctance to re-sign Cano and allowing him to leave for Seattle is now explained as the team believing he was taking PEDs for years.

But what is now raising eyebrows is that Cano is very good friends with Jeimer Candelario and the two work out together – a friendship that dates back to their fathers who were very close friends.


Count me out on the criticism of Miguel Cabrera despite all the comments this week about him feeling unappreciated for playing when he’s hurt, and the whole discussion about him wanting to be in Miami, which is laughable considering the mass exodus of players out of South Beach this season.

But I guess it goes with the territory when you’re a star who is not playing and there are no performances to evaluate. To many, he is just an oft-injured, overpaid, over-the- hill superstar holding his team captive under an enormous, immovable salary.

However, if you evaluate the situation when it comes to the Tiger rebuild, it is the exact opposite when you consider the comments about him being stuck in Detroit, when in fact, it’s the Tigers who are stuck with him; if he could be moved, he would be.

In the meantime, I just see all this as a lot of talk that has taken on a life of its own. I will continue to concentrate on a team continuing to grow and mature under a manager who simply wants Miggy back in the lineup. Then we can all concentrate on Cabrera’s play, which, by the way, was just fine when he left the lineup.

And if you still want to worry about something when it comes to Cabrera, consider how upset he is with the suspension of Robinson Cano, an association of which Miggy needs to stay clear.

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