By:  Holly Horning & Kurt Snyder

After 88 games (39-49), the Tigers remain buried near the bottom of the American League. As we begin the season’s second half, that trade deadline looms larger every minute.

Saturday’s segment is a day to touch on as many issues as possible. Let’s see what Holly and Kurt have on their minds this week. They don’t share their Saturday topics and it’s only for the readers’ benefit. So, expect a wide array of thoughts.



The media may be guilty of a lot of things, but any blame made by the players concerning trade rumors should be aimed directly at Al Avila instead. He was the one who opened up the can of trade worms last year and resurrected the issue this year, prompting the media to do their due diligence in reporting. Say what you will about Dave Dombrowski, but he never, ever showed his hand on any potential trades until the papers were signed.


Miguel Cabrera held a players-only meeting to see how the team can perform better, but only 4 others – Upton, Iggy, Kinsler and Avila – attended. One would think that if players really cared about winning, more of them would have showed up. And Ausmus, not a fan of clubhouse meetings, learned about the meeting, not from the players or organization, but from the media.


In a season in which there is little to cheer, it is refreshing to see Justin Upton settle in nicely and get the assumed massive contract pressure monkey off his back. He’s performing better and more consistently both at the plate and in the field – and made 2 great catches with 1 hit in the All-Star game. One of the few players who doesn’t make excuses, his interviews demonstrate that he is a thoughtful and authentic man.



Justin Upton did Detroit proud in the All-Star Game on Tuesday night, with a hit and a couple of web gems.  JUp, in year 2 with the Tigers, is giving the Tigers what they hoped they would get when they signed him. Now it is up to him to decide if he wants to continue to call Detroit home after this season.


Theo Epstein’s transformation of the Chicago Cubs into a World Series champion was nothing short of remarkable. Now after a disappointing first half of 2017, the Cubs are hard-pressed to even make the playoffs in October. I may be in the minority on this one, but after winning a World Championship, the Cubs would have been better served to save their top 2 highly-touted minor league chips, instead of supporting what is becoming a rather impressive restocking of the cross-town rival White Sox; the last thing the Cubbies need to be this year is desperate.


During the spring, I mentioned how I was just a little jealous of the White Sox and the haul they had received from both the Red Sox and Nationals. With a handful of top shelf prospects received in deals for Chris Sale and Adam Eaton and now another impressive haul from the Cubs for Jose Quintana, I still stand by my jealousy. Watch out for the Sox in the coming years, especially now that ex-Tiger and now All-Star, Avisail Garcia, has finally begun to realize the potential that was foreseen when we used to call him Little Miggy as a Tiger.


  1. I would really like to now if all of the players knew about Miggy’s meeting. If they did, and had no excuses for not showing up, then something is terribly wrong in Tigerville. I can’t believe JV, Romine, and Fulmer, to name a few, wouldn’t have made the meeting. Maybe the reporting is wrong.


    • Hi, Sprocket – Good questions that need answers. There is a picture of them that Miggy posted of the 5 of them sitting at the table. I actually wondered about the absence of some of them like Fulmer, but potentially pitchers weren’t invited because the meeting was about (sic) “how to win more on a daily basis.” Thanks for keeping the dialog going! – Holly


      • OK. But if I’m part of the team, I would want to show solidarity and would show up regardless of whether or not I was invited, as long a I knew about it. This all goes hand in hand with what we see on the field every day.


  2. Sorry, but I could care less about the “haul” of prospects the White Sox got for outstanding players. Stats show 1 in about 10 prospects obtained in such trades become impact major league players. Look at our guys….we traded Price, Soria and Cespedes, two stars and one decent releiver, and outside of Fulmer, we’ve got nothing to show for it so far.


    • Yes, most prospects don’t become stars. But the odds of them making an impact go up significantly as they rise on the prospects lists–the people compiling those lists know what they are doing. The Sox have very highly regarded prospects, so chances are that the future bodes well for them. Certainly, it is a much more interesting time to be a Sox fan than a Tiger fan.


  3. Yes there is something in that clubhouse that smells like spoiled garbage. The photo of Miggy’s meeting just smacks of the division(s) among the roster. Interesting that Brad was quoted in today’s local rags as “poo- pooing” clubhouse meetings. Feelings hurt Brad? And JV was quoted much the same, saying “people don’t know today’s baseball” relative to those players only sessions.


  4. With Upton being an all-star and having a good (but not great) year, what are the odds we decides to use his player option and opt out after this year and try the free agent market again? I lean no for the following reasons: Why would he leave for possibly less money? Would there be any takers who would vastly over pay him again? Probably not. Do the rumors of a sour Tiger clubhouse taint him? Would other teams be worried he’s had a hand in that?


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