By:  Kurt Snyder & Holly Horning

Today’s topic is one we all needed. It has gotten way too serious around here, so we have to lighten it up a bit. Let’s take a departure from the state of the team and have a little fun.

As is the norm, Kurt and Holly have not shared their responses to the following topic; the best way for our readers to get the best bang for their buck. So here we go.

MLB has announced that at a future game this season, players will have the opportunity to put their nicknames on the backs of their jerseys. If Kurt and Holly had their say, what would the nicknames be for 20 Tigers, including 1 Totally Tiger? Let’s find out…

Feel free to come up with your own.


CABRERA – Miggy (there is only one)
IGLESIAS – Maestro

UPTON – AdJustin
KINSLER – Catalyst
MAHTOOK – Canttake
ROMINE – AllNine
HICKS – Getcherlicks
VERLANDER – Zoo (think about it)
LAMONT – Lambchop
CLARK – Windmill
DUBEE – Smokin’
McCANN – Wishycould
MACHADO – Notmucho
STUMPF – Tree (sorry)
GREENE – LeanMean
JUSTIN WILSON – KWil? (I’m tryin – come on!)
SNYDER – KBoy (describes my high school hitting career)


FULMER – Plunger
NORRIS – 2 Hip 4 U

SANCHEZ – $$$$
JV – Yoda
MCCANN – McCan’t
MIGGY – C’townBound
IGGY – Houdini
JD – BuhBye
UPTON – UptOut
VMART – Pops
AUSMUS – NA (He doesn’t wear a jersey.)
DUBEE – Dubeeous
HORNING – SWMBO (Shame on you if you don’t know what this means. You may just have to look it up.)

13 thoughts on “TOPIC FOR TUESDAY

  1. Miggy – Always hurt’n
    Kindler – Will Power
    Castellanos – Anydaynow
    Center field – Whonow?
    Bullpen – Suddendeath
    Victor – SloGo Slugo
    JD – Bigflyaway
    Upton – Outbound
    Zimmerman – Al’s-batross
    KRod – talk2me
    Sanchez – Dr.HR
    Verlander – Ballsfault
    McCann – OneDay
    Alex Avila – FathersDay
    Iggy – Flash
    Greene – Mohawk
    Ausmus – Nevermind
    Avila – Nicetry
    Chris Illich – Fold’em


  2. JV – Hollywood. He’s got the model girlfriend, expensive cars, home in Malibu and is perhaps Dodger-bound.
    Miguel – HOF’er.


  3. Am reading a bio on Peter the great right now. Won’t write anything as Matt C covered most of my ideas. To the great LKurt and Holly I bow to the great blog lords Tsar LKurt and the Tsarista-SWMBO.

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  4. Brad- Big brain
    Upton- Mr. Breeze
    Lamont- Mean Gene
    Alex Avila – The knockout kid
    JD- short timer
    Machado- spare tire
    Sanchez & Frod- Chuck & Duck
    Norris- Vantastic
    Fullmer- Harry
    Zimmerman- Rivers
    Wilson boys- Beach boys
    Relievers- Mud Hen Magnificents
    Victor- Ustacould


  5. C James McCann
    On the Way to AAA

    2B Ian Kinsler
    Trade Bait

    SS Jose Iglesias
    Joe Churches

    3B Nicholas Castellanos
    Nicky No-Glove

    CF Tyler Collins
    Bird Man

    RF J.D. Martinez
    Just Dingerz

    DH Victor Martinez
    Injury-Prone Statue

    UT Andrew Romine

    C Alex Avila
    !Andale andale!

    OF Mikie Mahtook
    Replacement Value

    UT Dixon Machado

    CF JaCoby Jones

    UT John Hicks
    Country Boy

    UT Alex Presley
    The King

    RF Jim Adduci
    Pass The

    P Justin Verlander

    P Matt Boyd
    Half Price

    P Daniel Stumpf
    The Chump

    P Chad Bell
    Saved By The

    P Arcenio Leon
    You know I could use somebody

    P Bruce Rondon
    Chubby Chucker

    P Francisco Rodriguez
    Call Me Maybe

    P Joe Jimenez
    The Spectre

    P Kyle Ryan

    P Jordan Zimmermann

    P Alex Wilson
    7th Heaven

    P Anibal Sanchez
    Mo Money Mo Problems

    P William Cuevas
    Jose Cuervo

    P Blaine Hardy
    Hard Rock

    P Warwick Saupold

    P Michael Fulmer
    The Fulminator

    P Justin Wilson
    Left Over

    P Shane Greene
    Lobster Trap

    P Daniel Norris
    Van Man


  6. Ausmus- Bambi (Deer in headlights look)
    Castellanos- Teflon
    D. Clark- “5”
    R. Dubee- Dubee Do
    Hicks- I Can’t Drive (55- Jersey #)
    Iglesias- Wow!
    Kinsler- Gunslinger
    J.D. Martinez- I Go
    V. Martinez- Slo-Mo
    McClendon- Imaginary
    Norris- Not Chuck
    Presley- In the Building
    F. Rodriguez- F-Raud
    Sanchez- I’m Baack!
    J-Up- K-Down
    J. Verlander- K8’s M8
    A. Wilson- Root Beer (A & W initials)


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