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Are there Tigers mentioned as potential trade pieces at the deadline who you feel are important to keep?  If so, who and why?


11 thoughts on “OPEN MIKE!

  1. My choice for the player to keep above all others is the one who is most often mentioned for trade – JD Martinez – as long as ownership can make the decision now to commit to signing him long term. His work ethic, clutch hitting, and stated desire to stay a Tiger are unique attributes on this team these days. Other than Michael Fulmer, I really don’t see a player on our current club who has as much potential over the next 4-5 years to be a reliable difference-maker.


    • If it takes a long term expensive contract to keep JD, this would be inexcusably foolish–it is the same blunder the Tigers already made with Verlander and Miggy, and the Angels with Pujols. The sooner this team is blown up and can rebuild from scratch, the better. No untouchables.


      • Opus – I hear you loud and clear. The challenge I see is that we are not a Moneyball-type team with insightful scouts and brilliant analytics, where we can get completely lean and mean and then start over from scratch. So I see us having to keep, and admittedly roll the dice on, a few core players who show the best potential to be valuable for most of their contract’s term. As great as Ian has been, his age appears now to be a factor in his health, and I would look to trade him. I’m assuming V-Mart and Miggy are untradeable, but if we could unload V-Mart even while eating most of his salary it would be worthwhile and open up DH for Miggy. I would trade JV if we can get good value. Iglesias is a tough one, as I agree with TimJ below that he is underrated, but he’s also been injury prone. As Tommy says above, if an answer is in our midst, why scour the earth ? JD meets this standard for me.


  2. I would love to see them keep JD Martinez but with the contracts of Miggy, Verlander, Upton, and Zimmerman, I don’t see how they can afford to. The one I would hate to see go is Iglesias. I think his value is very underrated.


  3. Everyone will want to say JD, for sure, so I will go with J-Up. He has settled in as a Tiger and has been very consistent this year. On a side note, wasn’t it nice to see Miguel hit that walk off HR last night? I honestly believe it is the first time this year he has come up big with the game on the line. And poor JV gets saddled with yet again a No Decision after having the lead when he exited the game.


    • Agree Miggy’s HR. But even their home plate celebration lacked enthusiasm. And I wish BA would have shown some guts and jog to the mound after F rods HR to pull him right then and there! “take that to the press Closer Rod”


  4. Some years ago a fired NBA gm said the reason he traded away his good players was due to the two underperforming mistake free agents he signed. The other GM’s weren’t stupid. He was loosing money and they didn’t want his bums either so he had no choice. It was a downward spiral.


  5. I don’t see a single player in the entire organization that is untouchable. The organization reminds me of an aging car model that needs to be redesigned from the tires up. Hopefully Chris is smart enough to realize that the front office is totally incapable of building an organization from the ground up. It’s time for men like Avila and Chadd to move on and take their lieutenants with them. To quote Michael Corleone in the Godfather, “my father’s way of doing things is over, it’s finished. Even he knows that”.


  6. The whole organization is in ‘lets get it over with’ mentality. Even walk off homers are ‘ol well.”. All things wrong go back to Chris Illich. Better he sell and be gone. He is the cancer for tigers and wings.


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