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 What phase of the game has hurt the Tigers the most, and which one could keep them in the division race?


9 thoughts on “OPEN MIKE!

  1. All facets of the offensive game, including: the inability to go from second to home on a single; sloppy base running; Brad’s reluctance to play Small Ball, have hurt the Tigers the most. Improving those will keep the Tigers in the race.


    • Agree with Doug. This team does not appear to be well prepared for anything. Part of the manager’s job is to put the team in the best position to win. What looks like poor training/conditioning, combined with the management by the numbers, is hurting us.

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  2. Although the pitching has hurt them, it is their offense that has been letting them down the most. Three shutouts in the last road trip. No Tiger with even 29 RBI. There are 54 players with that many! Miggy and V-Mart with only 5 HR’s each? There are 139 players with at least 6 HR’s!


  3. I would love to see what this team might accomplish if they could “Dial in.” Lack of focus can lead to bad at bats, bad fielding, bad base running and a lot of pure mental lapses that lead to mistakes. Drive and determination can compensate for lack of physical ability. Mental focus would virtually eliminate many of the maladies to which this team has succumbed. Perhaps management should consider a 3 step player maintenance regimen that consists of diet & exercise program, weekly meetings with a Zen master…..followed up by a positive motivational program. Maybe, then, all the pistons might start firing together.


  4. Last year they missed the play-offs playing a bunch of worn out overpaid vets. This year thier repeating the same mistakes,letting v-mart, Zimmerman ,krod wast a huge payroll. So they won’t bite the bullet and eat thier mistakes. They deserve to have it blow up in thier faces for a second straight year. Frustrated fans just fading away. And they waited too long to fix the bull pen. Six years and the two months this year.


  5. Watching the Tigers play these last 10 years or so I have found myself yearning for them to play NL style baseball. We have had a lead-footed team since I had brown hair. I think all of this goes back to the DH. I hate it!!!!!


  6. One more to make things good. We need Miggy to continue his “smart” base running to keep Rod happy. Liner to CF, one hop to CF, Tigers up 5-0 in the 2nd and Miggy again runs through the obvious stop sign and chances getting hurt since running two bases at a time is not exactly his strength. Just another indication of the “strength” of the Tiger coaching staff!!!


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