1. HAPPY MEMORIAL WEEKEND to two of the finest writers and to all of the commenters on Totally Tigers. It’s a pleasure to read and take part in this incredible blog every day.

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  2. For a long time now, I have wondered if there were some players who looked forward to the season being over, regardless of whether they made the playoffs or not. When I was young and watching the likes of Willie Mays and Norm Cash, I never had those thoughts. I wonder if the pressure of the big contracts and expectations are grinding the players down more than they used to. Also, social media can be cruel.


  3. Cousin Jerome Bowers, youngest of 6 children, died early in the war in Viet Nam. Hit a land mine while clearing an airfield with a bulldozer. I was pretty young, and just could not imagine anything powerful enough to destroy a bulldozer. The traveling wall stopped in town several years ago. What an overwhelming experience to see all of those names.


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