Happy Mother’s Day! As a tribute to how moms can make baseball better, please enjoy this year’s newest installment of the importance of momagers. And don’t forget to call your mom today……

Totally Tigers

By:  Holly Horning

In advance of the upcoming Mother’s Day, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer an homage to all moms. I wrote my first ode last year and unbelievably, it was one of the most requested topics from readers to bring back. And given the team’s current troubles, well, let’s say that moms are needed in baseball more than ever.

And just maybe, there might be a few who are capable of closing out the 9th inning…..

It is way past due for baseball to recognize the contributions of moms because without us, teams wouldn’t have anyone to draft, trade or sign. And if you’re still not sure, I’m here to tell you that moms can run a dugout much better than a manager. We are, after all, momagers. And most of us work for nothing. Think of the savings and value added, owners!

Like the…

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4 thoughts on “EVERY DUGOUT NEEDS A MOMAGER (2017)

  1. My mother was not much of a baseball fan, but when I was seven years old she took from the South Side to see several games at Wrigley. Later she became a friend of former White Sox (and one-time Tiger) pitcher Billy Pierce, on account of their church work together. I was honored when he attended my mother’s funeral.


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