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 Has Andrew Romine’s contribution so far this season changed how you feel about his value to the team?  Why or why not?

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17 thoughts on “OPEN MIKE!

  1. A utility player is the manager’s best friend. Don Kelly was the same very usefull but underated and not a fan favorite


  2. Absolutely! His value to the team has changed so much and so dramatically,in a good way, that he was drug tested after hitting that grand slam the other day. No grand slam, no drug test probably! 🙂


  3. I have to admit, I was completely wrong about Romine. I lumped him in with Aviles last year and didn’t care for either one of them. I know he isn’t going to hit .500 this year (I’ll be happy with .250), but I certainly appreciate his defiensive skills multiple positions. It actually frustrates me to think he can play multiple positions well on any given day, yet we can’t find a reliever who can pitch more than 1 inning at a time!


  4. To me, Romine was always a good guy to have on the bench. His versatility is something every team can use. Glad he is starting off well. Some people don’t appreciate or understand the bench’s value.

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  5. Romine’s speed, defense, & versatility make him a valuable asset. I like his attitude & the way he plays the game. He’s a capable & reliable utility player who works hard & contributes in ways that are often unappreciated. His off-season work on his swing has paid dividends so far. He’ll never be a Ben Zobrist, but I’m happy he’s a Tiger.


  6. No. I always thought that Romine added value to this team. I don’t expect him to keep up this torrid hitting, but he’ll continue to be a dependable, valuable utility player…which every good team needs.


  7. The fact that Romine has played so well in so many positions the last couple of years and his overall performance this spring has taken the sting out the trade/signing (can’t remember) for/of the aging shortstop (his name escapes me) that mgt. thought could replace Iglesias when his shin splints ended his season


  8. To me Andrew Romine is the quintessential team player – the guy who sits on the bench, always ready to play wherever the manager needs him. Never given his due as he is not a superstar, but, nonetheless, integral to the success of the team. He’s the type of player I believe John Fogerty allured to when his teams were struggling and he would yell at his TV: “Put me in, Coach!”

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  9. Hi Everyone
    I am brand-new to totally tigers and excited for what I’m going to be reading on here . I am even excited to say that I have been a big fan of Holly Horning’s writing for sometime …

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    • Welcome Luis! Pass the word on about TT to all your friends. In addition to great investigative reporting and articles that get you thinking, you’ll find that the people posting comments on Totally Tigers are knowledgeable and treat each other with respect. We actually look forward to seeing what other poster’s have to say.

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    • You’ve come to the right place Luis. Kurt & Holly are top-notch writers, & Totally Tigers is the go-to blog for all the latest news & analysis of Tiger baseball. IMO T.T. is the cultural jewel of Tiger nation. They never disappoint. Welcome & happy reading!

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    • Glad to have you on board Luis. I think you are going to find that TT is just as interesting during the off-season as it is during the regular season.

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