By:  Holly Horning

Let’s see… We’ve got two straight-up wins. A crushing loss. And a game where the team managed to snatch victory from the jaws of…. victory.

Can we draw any conclusions after a handful of games? Well, other than some thoughts about that bullpen. We’re not going to touch it in this column because we’re a family blog.

But don’t cha just love all the pundits who are selecting their winners for Rookie of the Year, Cy Young and MVP even before a single pitch has been thrown? It’s called lack of imagination and being lazy. Don’t even get me started on that folly.

So I’m not going to make any assumptions at all about this season. Not just yet. In part, because it’s way too early. And also, because half this team wasn’t around for most of Spring Training due to the WBC. This team really hasn’t gelled yet nor gotten its rhythm as a group.

But you should know me by now. I ask a lot of questions. And sometimes the questions are more telling than the answers. So let’s kick off the new season by asking some questions that will eventually get answered sometime this season. Hopefully.

Here are my Top 10 – for the moment. Next week, I may have a different set of questions.

1. Was Anibal Sanchez moved to the bullpen more for his lack of performance as a starter or more for the realization that the bullpen was a hot mess?

2. If the Tigers return to their habit of failing to score runners they put on base, will Brad move VMart down in the order once JD returns?

3. Is it reasonable to expect that the 3 young arms in the rotation won’t start to show some hiccups due to their inexperience?

4. How much pressure will Ausmus face to play Alex Avila more if McCann goes into a hitting slump given that his boss is Avila’s dad?

5. Can Avila afford to wait until JD returns before addressing what passes for defense in RF?

6. Which will see call-ups first: RF or the BP?

7. How much playing time will JaCoby Jones continue to get in CF, esp. if he goes into a protracted hitting slump?

8. If Jordan Zimmermann’s struggles continue, how long will it take for the Tigers to have a complete diagnosis done on him?

9. How long a leash will the Tigers give Bruce Rondon if his performances remain uneven?

10. How many weeks or months before the organization calls up Anthony Gose to be the 8th inning guy? (Just kidding.)

Can you add to this list of questions?

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  1. Is Miggy’s back way worse than anyone admits? How many games in a row can a “Super Star” go without a hit and remain in the 3 spot and starting every game?
    How many teams have ever started a season 3-1 with their 3 hitter 0 for the season, their right fielder hurt, and no idea who plays center field?


    • You’re on to something there, Lon. How many times has mgt. or Miggy/VMart,/JDMart/etc told us about an injury being worse than reported after the fact? How long will mgt. allow this to fester? Does anyone else believe that JDMArt is pushing his return date despite pain in his ankle because it’s a contract year?


      • Someone should tell all of these guys that playing hurt and not producing hurts the team and their future worth. I would much rather have a .240 hitter hitting .240, than a .300 hitter hitting .210 or worse. Besides, most of the best hitters don’t field well anyway, so it’s way better to upgrade the defense while they heal properly.


  2. Will the Tigers turn to Justin Wilson for their closer if K-Rod struggles? Will he assume the 8th inning setup guy if Rondon fails?


  3. Good job Holly in not going overboard this early in the season. And remember, Boston has played these 2 games minus 3 of their major stars, Hanley Ramirez and Mookie Betts, both out with the flu and Xander Bogaerts,who’s on the bereavement list.

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  4. I just don’t get why people think the only reason Alex A has a job is because his dad is the GM. If you look past the BA (not Brad Ausmus), he has been a top 10 defense catcher, while McCann is in the lower third and both Alex and James are average offensively for catchers. Alex is a good starting catcher or very good back-up.


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