By:  Holly Horning & Kurt Snyder

With 2 road games and a home opener in the books, what has drawn the attention of our writers?

Saturday’s segment is a day to touch on as many issues as possible. Let’s see what Holly and Kurt have on their minds this week. They don’t share their Saturday topics and it’s only for the readers’ benefit. So, expect a wide array of thoughts.



Will JaCoby Jones make fans forget about Cameron Maybin? Jones’ stellar catch during Friday’s Hope Opener probably would have put Maybin on the DL again. But that first at-bat, a HR no less, combined with Friday’s grace-under-pressure plate appearance, his speed and high-octane energy, makes us hope so.


Jose Iglesias dumped agent Scott Boras for Marc Anthony’s new sports and media agency which is focused on promoting and branding Latino sports players. Yet to be determined is whether this move will actually increase his chances of re-signing with Detroit. But Al Avila may have other plans as he has now attempted to trade Iggy twice since November.


If you still aren’t quite sure how hardcore and intense Ian Kinsler is about the game, watching him in Thursday’s very cold game in Chicago should leave no doubts. While the Tigers were batting, and when he wasn’t expected to hit in that inning, he was sitting with his teammates in the dugout. A long row of players bundled up against the cold, wearing hats, scarves, heavy jackets layered with hoodies and gloves – except for Ian who was sitting there with only an addition of shirt sleeves as his protection from the elements.



With all the drama brought on by the bullpen collapse yesterday, it was good to see 2 of the newest players turn things around in the end. Mikie Mahtook’s huge double to tie the game and JaCoby Jones’ battling base on balls to win it helped to send the big crowd home happy. Contributions from these guys will be huge every time we get them.


Name 2 guys watching the home opener yesterday who have grown used to bullpen collapses over the years and saw nothing new with their team yesterday. Yep, Al Avila and Dave Dombrowski watched their teams’ pens collapse and blow leads. Gladly, in the end, it was DD’s team whose pen not only blew the lead, but the game.


Justin Verlander certainly got my attention in Chicago after his win on opening day. He let it be known that the Tigers need to play and act with more of a sense of urgency. Keep your ears open this year for hopefully less downplaying of losses, regardless of when they occur.  Because JV, as the clear leader of this team, sounds like he has heard enough.

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  1. Has anybody else noticed that when the other team stages a late rally, it’s a “bullpen collapse”, and when YOUR team does it, it’s hitter heroics?


  2. No Tigers lead, be it 4-0,5-1,7-2,8-3 going into the 7th or 8th inning is safe. We are all programmed to believe now the bullpen will allow the other team to creep back in the game or just cough up the lead altogether. JV should have 20 more career wins and Fulmer deserved his win yesterday


  3. Love that JV is vocal. Need Miggy to do the same. JD defense instead of Mahtook’s in right, in 9th, probably ties the game. That 8th inning rally is the new hope – the more of that from the youngsters the better. I have so much pepto ready for that BP – it’s early, let’s prepare for anything. LGT!


    • Holy Wah!! Jacoby Jones is in again today!! Four games in a row…….This could be the start of something good. Go Tigers!!


  4. Ian Kinsler makes me proud to be a Tiger fan! Proof of Kurt’s comment about DD’s continued perennial issues w/ the BP can be found in a Boston newspaper. Loved Farrell’s “balls are balls” line!


  5. There’s a lot to like despite the shellacking & bullpen collapse. Nick’s comments yesterday about wanting the responsibility of batting second & using the opportunity to better himself impressed. As for Ian, Holly, I’m pretty sure only Mom’s noticed .. Put your coat on! You’re going to catch pneumonia!

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  6. Re bullpen meltdowns: The Tigers have drafted no shortage of fireballing kids who could have been taught to throw 2 pitches for strikes. That none have learned to spot their fastball with the accuracy required in the late innings of a close game would strongly suggest that the guys teaching the kids down on the farm should be replaced.


  7. Yesterday’s BP collapse aside, let me go on record as saying that the Tigers will win the Central. This roster and new team chemistry with a mantra to win one for Mr I, may take them all the way. Go Tigers.


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