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What one thing are you most anxious to see in this coming year and why?

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8 thoughts on “OPEN MIKE!

  1. Jason Beck from reports that Al Avila is open to consider extending Brad Ausmus contract during the season. This based in part on the fact that Asmus is a hands-on young talent developing coach with respect around the league for what he did last year in keeping the Tigers competitive with three young starters. What he did last year?! He mis-managed games down the stretch so horribly they missed a wild-card spot well before the last week of the season. Great call out Avila. You amaze me with comments like this. If the logic is keep them for the future young new talent, why was he not fired forlosing with all the high prices old talent? This is maddening logic and spin.


  2. Moving Victor out of the cleanup spot. This move is long overdue & obvious to everyone not named Brad. We all know his lack of speed is a hindrance on the base paths. All too often he is the first putout in a double play. How many hits does it take to bring him home? Is that a source of anxiety for the rest of the lineup? This should be an easy decision & one that needs to be made.


  3. The last several years the first month of the season has been important to me. I am anxious to see if Brad has learned anything watching the managers in the World Series. These managers typically manage with their eyes and their guts and I am anxious to see if Brad has picked any of that up. I usually have formed an opinion on that by May 15th. After May 15 that certain anxiety goes away.


  4. My favorite aspect of rooting for a team is watching young talent develop. I have very fond memories of the Tigers in the early 80s when Whitaker, Trammel, Gibson, Parrish, Morris, and Petry were all coming into their own, and also the late 80s Bad Boy Pistons, as Dumars, Rodman, and Salley started coalescing around Isiah. The Tigers have not offered me this pleasure for a generation or more, but I look forward to watching the three young starters establish themselves, await Jimenez’s call-up, and hope against hope that JaCoby Jones turns out to be the real deal.


  5. I am looking forward to seeing the progress of our 3 young starters and Jacoby Jones too. And of course, I am anxious to see them in the World Series against the Cubs. I’m drinkin the Kool-Aid! GO TIGERS!


  6. I’m most “anxious” to see if the offense shows up every game this year. (Apprehensive, fearful, anxiety…). I’m “eager” to see Miguel hit again this year.


  7. I’m anxious/worried about: 1) K-Rod’s dwindling “fastball”, 2) Jordan Zimmerman’s health/performance, 3) JD’s ability to return to team w/o re-injuring foot, 4) V-Mart not being moved [he should] to 5-hole once JD is back. Am eager to see what Jones, Boyd, Norris, Casty, & Fulmer do this year. Fingers crossed for big year from J-Upton and rebound from Sanchez. Go Tigers!


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