By:  Holly Horning & Kurt Snyder

As we bide our time waiting for the regular season to get kicked off, there are still plenty of issues to chew on.

Saturday’s segment is a day to touch on as many issues as possible. Let’s see what Holly and Kurt have on their minds this week. They don’t share their Saturday topics and it’s only for the readers’ benefit. So, expect a wide array of thoughts.



Last year’s incident with Adam LaRoche quitting his team over not allowing his son into the clubhouse has set off debate and a chain reaction among other clubs. It appears that enough players are not comfortable with having children in the clubhouse and owners are now responding to their requests based upon December’s newest labor agreement – including Chris Ilitch. The Tigers now have a revised policy and VMart will be none too happy that his son, Victor Jose, will no longer be a presence.


After his impressive stint as the USA’s manager in the WBC, Jim Leyland may finally be leaving Detroit after this season. Joe Torre, MLB’s Chief Baseball Officer and long-time friend of Leyland, was the one who convinced JL to run the USA team. Now that the WBC is growing in popularity, Torre wants him to oversee the development and growth, as well as help solve the issues of concern, as MLB looks to further expand interest in baseball worldwide.


It’s happening again as the Tigers keep offering shelter to former players and managers. Several weeks ago, Don Kelly returned to the team as a pro scout and assistant to player development. And this week, after teams began cutting rosters in earnest, both Joba Chamberlain and Ryan Rayburn are returning to the Tigers as minor league coaches. Could Brandon Inge be far behind?



We all agonized together over the dilemma that the Tigers have had all spring deciding who would replace Cameron Maybin in centerfield – the candidates were all well-documented. But we are now finding out that Avila and Ausmus actually discussed the potential of an occasional platoon with Cabrera and Castellanos at third base. This unique but equally disturbing idea would allow Castellanos, with his improved quickness and previous (albeit brief) experience in the outfield, to be yet another player to help bring some stability to the centerfield position.


If you are like me, there is a fair amount of concern with KRod’s reduced fastball velocity heading into the regular season. With the fastball not reaching past 86 mph over his last 2 outings, pitching coach Rich Dubee decided to have him throw a bullpen session so he could try a few knuckle balls; something he had been experimenting with earlier in the spring. Even more unnerving was the report on Twitter that they were being clocked at an incredible 88 mph!


I have to say I am both surprised and impressed that the Tigers did not let salary dictate their roster decisions when it came to Anibal Sanchez and Mike Pelfrey. But apparently moving Sanchez to the bullpen does come with an agreement that has the potential to cause a rift within the ranks of the bullpen. Apparently, in the agreement to move to the bullpen, Anibal will be allowed to sit in the dugout with the starting pitchers, moving only to the pen when it is anticipated that he will be needed.

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  1. At long last, I understand. With all the stupid decisions that the Tigers have made or are considering (as outlined by Holly and Kurt), I now know who is really running the show. Ta-Da: we open the iron curtain and who do we see pulling all the chords and levers, but……….The Wizard of Oz !!


  2. Foul language, occasional dirty jokes, players walking around naked or half naked, music playing or blaring with explicit lyrics, the stench of sweaty,dirty uniforms, teammate adult-style pranks, occasional teammate confrontations. Yeah, kids have no place in an MLB clubhouse.


  3. In the real world, one is not allowed to bring their children to work with them for any number of reasons. Some are safety concerns, some are liability concerns for the employer.


  4. Wow! Chamberlain & Rayburn hired as coaches. Nick & Miggy possibly platooning at 3rd. If I didn’t know better I’d think it was April Fools Day.


  5. As an April Fools joke, I was gonna submit that the Tigers, in a major shakeup had just hired Holly and Kurt to their major league staff…………..but as I was just about to hit the send button………….I started to think…….. hey, wait a minute!…..


  6. “This unique but equally disturbing idea would allow Castellanos, with his improved quickness and previous (albeit brief) experience in the outfield, to platoon with none other than Anthony Gose in centerfield”. I hope this is an April Fool’s thing, Kurt because I find it hard to believe…


  7. Miggy back to 3rd? Yeah, that should help his back. And wasn’t Nick’s development originally stunted in the minors with the outfield experiment? I’m still excited for the new season but not too sure about these personnel decisions. Head-scratchers, for sure.


  8. Let’s hope Jones doesn’t have the misfortune to go 4 for 4 on Opening Day. If he does, he’ll be riding the pine for the foreseeable future.


  9. Leland moving on is good. About time. Next, Ausmus and staff. Stupid to have Miggy at third, been there – not pretty. We love to give jobs not honor to former players. An Anti-team move for Sanchez to reinforce segregation like that. Where’s the true leader in all this?


  10. In any game I’ve ever been to, the relievers sit in the dugout anyway, for several innings. Then in the third or 4th, after a half inning is over, they march out to the bullpen en mass. I’m sure a long reliever is out in the bullpen for the entire game, in case he’s needed.


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