By:  Holly Horning & Kurt Snyder

So what’s new this week? There’s always something, isn’t there? At the end of the week, it’s good to gather all the little stories and drop them into your lap to enjoy.

Saturday’s segment is a day to touch on as many issues as possible. Let’s see what Holly and Kurt have on their minds this week. They don’t share their Saturday topics and it’s only for the readers’ benefit. So, expect a wide array of thoughts.



The news that the Indians have been decimated by some significant injuries, along with some health issues in Boston, should be a wake-up call for the Tigers. The Indians in particular are the stumbling block to October baseball and this makes it Detroit’s year to come from behind and take the division. After all those years of using injuries as an excuse for not winning, they really need to try to take advantage of another team’s similar misfortunes.


Speaking of which, how can a team like the Tigers, who have used the injury excuse for the past 5+ years, allow 15 players, tops in MLB, to participate in the WBC? KRod, who was already recovering from an injury and then promptly got injured as soon as he arrived and now Miggy left the game with back issues on Thursday night. Just doesn’t make sense that such a cavalier attitude toward players’ health is allowed to exist, especially when so much money has been spent on this team.


An interesting report recently that mentioned the connection between players with less body fat suffering more injuries. It appears that when they dive for a ball, get hit by a pitch or are involved in a collision, there is less padding to absorb the injury and the structure underneath is more susceptible. One of the reasons that maybe explains why Cameron Maybin has had so many stints on the DL.



Omar Vizquel stressed how important it was that Miguel Cabrera, bad back and all, play in Team Venezuela’s game on Saturday, because after all, he’s the captain of the team. Brad wasn’t real sure how important that game was. Well, I can tell you how important it is. Get Miggy back here – we’ve got a real season to consider!


I’m so happy that the game of baseball is being celebrated around the world and our game’s best are able to showcase their talents while representing their home countries. What a wonderful event. Can’t wait for them all to come limping back to camp so they can continue to get ready for the 162 games they are being paid so dearly to play.


If I am Brad Ausmus, on the advent of last call for this version of the Tigers, I am not going to be real calm about my franchise player getting nicked up at the WBC. I am hoping that he and Vizquel, his own coach, have talked about Miggy and the amount of risk we are willing to look past. Sorry, I guess, as an American, I could care less who wins this thing, just get it done.

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  1. I don’t want to hear another word about the Tigers’ disregard for their players’ health. The management’s approach in this area is beyond asinine. Therefore I pledge not to utter words on this subject (as well as keep my fingers immobile) until at least the end of the first game!


  2. We shouldn’t fret about Miggy. After all Brad isn’t worried. “Miggy “knows himself” & .. wait for it .. “he’s good at self-monitoring”! There’s more. Omar says “he’s a warrior” & “has a history of playing through pain”. Phew! What a relief.


  3. He is in fighting shape right, and still tweaked his back. Would that have happened regardless where and who he’s playing for? The baseball press quote Leyland before Omar & Ausmus. All are trying to convince everyone the WBC isn’t a huge disaster by downplaying it as “he’s tough”, “he played full seasons like this”, ” he will grit through it.”


  4. Friends of mine,college wrestlers,phs.ed coaches and so on have noticed the same thing. Also chubby wrestler’s or offensive lineman were harder’to move’ and less apt. To be injured than thinner ‘healther’ receivers. Just other’s observations


  5. I guess we can add the word “detached” to Brad’s baseball kharma. That word goes along nicely with “uninspirational”, “unmotivating”, etc, etc, fill in the blanks. To the untrained eye such as mine, something looks seriously wrong with the Tigers keeping this guy around for another year.

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  6. How does the player’s union feel about the WBC? The Tigers have 15 players in the WBC??!! Not to mention at least 5 coaches (former and current) participating too. What is the upside of the WBC? And where is the parade if the US wins? With it being solely on MLB… it gets hardly any attention.


  7. Baseball, as many things American, risks fading away over the next geration or so. I think developing international interest is a better survival strategy than pitch clocks and the other goofy things being considered to speed up games. Baseball is hard to get into. We need to make it easier for people to like it rather than dismiss it as that strange impenetrable American thing.


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