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What’s your biggest concern so far this spring – the lack of overall offense or problem pitching?  Why?

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10 thoughts on “TOPIC FOR TUESDAY

  1. Both ! Because of manager . Here’s what he said yesterday about Mikie :
    “….but wishes Mahtook would ease off the weights and instead concentrate on flexibility.” Wishes ? WISHES ?? !!. As the “boss” GET him off the weights !!!! Don’t wish for it !! This reads to me that BA does more wishing than managing, coaching, counseling this team we all love. OK then, I wish him well as I wish him buh bye.

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  2. I guess neither. I don’t see how this team can compete with the AL elite. And I see no plausible evidence that the current leadership will address the institution’s weaknesses. So, for the first time in years, I’m not particularly invested in the Tigers.


  3. My concern is an overwhelming sense of apathy coming from the manager, the organization as a whole and, sad to say, myself. All that happens when I read Brad’s comments in the papers is that sense of apathy grows.


  4. Pitching, definitely. News paper article has Avila saying, “we’ll take the best 12 pitchers”; we’ll see if the bloated salaries of Sanchez, Pelfrey and Lowe are taken into account when they make that decision; as all of these look very weak so far.


    • I have often wondered why salary trumps ability. Especially in the Tigers three pitching situations Liz mentions. You have to pay those guys anyway, as well as any minor leaguer who could replace them. So why not try to win by putting your 25 best players on the roster? Their salaries are fixed costs. The increase in payroll comes to the minor leaguers promoted, but the salary increases to them is more than offset by keeping fans coming out to the game and buying memorabilia – maybe including some new jerseys.


  5. My biggest concern is for Anibal Sanchez as a human being, honestly. He is done as a starting pitcher but it goes beyond that. The Tigers have destroyed him psychologically by hanging him out to dry in too many games and that psychological destruction is so difficult to recover from. I know people will say he has made a fortune playing and should just suck it up, but it’s not that simple.

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  6. I am saddened to see that there are others like me that are struggling to get excited about baseball season this year. I made it to August before I gave up on the non-winner attitudes in the Tigers organization last year. I don’t thing I can make it that long this year watching the same problems continue. Glad there are other enjoyable things to do in a Michigan summer.


  7. The hitting. Anyone who is disappointed with Pelfrey and Sanchez probably had too high of expectations for them and didn’t watch much of them last year.
    I’ll also toss in a vote of no confidence for Ausmus knowing what to do about either the pitching or hitting. His laid back attitude (which may stem from the Tiger organization) is the opposite of what the team needs.


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