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Another week is in the books as the Tigers prepare for Opening Day, looming only 1 month away. Time flies when you’re havin’ fun!

Saturday’s segment is a day to touch on as many issues as possible. Let’s see what Kurt and Holly have on their minds this week. They don’t share their Saturday topics and it’s only for the readers’ benefit. So, expect a wide array of thoughts.



Stephen Moya can find solace in the fact that Brad Ausmus has noticed the, uh, ‘improvement’ in his defense. It seemed like Little League encouragement when Brad commended him for his aggression as he continued to misplay balls in the outfield. Apparently the errors are fine as long as they look better.


David Price’s arm issues have put a scare in Red Sox Nation. Knowing he will only need rest instead of surgery has to be a relief. However, this should be treated as warning #1. Price, who has thrown so many innings in his career, finally has a chink in the armor, which should be worrisome for a franchise who has committed a boat load of money and another half dozen years of investment.


Sounds like Nicholas Castellanos is a leading candidate for hitting #2 in the lineup. Incredibly, he has improved his chances with more speed. Brad says he appears lighter, but looks bigger, while Castellanos responded to his improved base running with an encouraging  “just caring about it more.” There is just strange written all over this paragraph, isn’t there?



Through Friday, the Tigers have lost 6 out of their first 9 games. Five of those 6 games garnered 2 or fewer runs with production coming from the top of the order. After Saturday, those same bats – Kinsler, Miggy and VMart – will be leaving for the WBC which will make putting runs up on the board even more challenging.


Speaking of the WBC, KRod will be leaving this weekend to represent Venezuela. The problem is that he is injured, behind in his training schedule and has only thrown bullpen sessions. Have the Tigers advised him not to go considering he’s at a much greater risk for injury that could seriously impact the team should something happen?


David Price, for now, appears to have avoided surgery but there’s still the question as to whether teams will vie for him if he takes advantage of his opt-out clause after this year. There are increasing concerns over the higher risk of signing pitchers over 30 to long-term contracts. If Price stays, Dave Dombrowski’s strategy may turn out to be a poor one given that there are 6 more years at $31-$32 mill a pop ($187 mill more) and Price will be 36 when his contract expires.

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  1. Kudos to the White Sox for retiring Mark Buherle’s number, although he will never be a HOF’er. One could debate that franchises in rebuild or decline do this to sell a few more tickets and fans remember a player from better days past. If that’s the case, the Tigers have three obvious numbers they can retire in 2018,’19 or ’20.


  2. You are so right. Most teams have sections dedicated to Cooperstown and team hero’s and fan favorites from days gone by. Most NCAA’s arena’s have concourse long wall murals dedicated to thiers. We have a beautiful new stadium with plenty of space beond the four on the brick wall.


  3. Hummmm. 3-6 and the sky is falling? I’ve looked at every box score this spring and I’ve yet to see the expected 1, 2, 3 & 4 hitters out there for every game. Just remember, the winningest Tiger team in history, our beloved ’84 Tigers, were 11-17 in the spring!


    • Hi, Hamp – I did not indicate such. You’ll even see I made a “comment” and not a “concern”.The issue is about run production – or the lack of it so far – and the pattern from last year with 2 or fewer runs. Thanks for continuing the dialog! – Holly


  4. I don’t know what to think about Nick’s statement. Should we be troubled that he didn’t care before or encouraged that he cares now? I thought base running was a priority so it’s hard to put a good face on it.


  5. Harp and Holly Let’s call it a dead heat. I call it Jerry’s “Diagnosis” after today’s latest debacle. Winning and losing in the grapefruit season is really insignificant to a degree. The team seems very FLAT. How does one see that during Spring Training; still NO LEADER. Ausmus going through the motions. See ya in Clearwater tomorrow Holly!


  6. Now I finally get it. Ausmus is satisfied with Moya’s fielding, ie errors, because he looks better now while screwing up. Castellanos says his baserunning is better “because he cares about it more.”. We now have championship attitudes all over the place. As Vince Lombardi once said, “What the hell is going on out there?”


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