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13 thoughts on “OPEN MIKE!

  1. Can we please call up Joey Pankake for no other reason than how awesome that name is and it’s endless promo value, please?

    Joey Flapjacks
    Joey Bag of Donuts
    Mr. Silver Dollar
    Joey Short Stack
    IHOP@ The COPA


  2. I get upset every year during Spring Training when the Tiger ST games are not on Fox Sports Detroit. My wife and I can’t figure out why the Tigers wouldn’t want to televise all of their Spring games to build up fan interest. I want them all on TV, even the kick-off college game. Wouldn’t the baseball games generate better ratings than some of the other stuff on Fox Sports? I don’t get it. Can anybody help me out on this one?


    • Hi, Sprocket – I think there are a number of factors but 2 come to mind. First, the expense which is significant to broadcast and it probably outweighs the return, esp. when you have lots of guys playing who are unlikely to make the team. Also, games that are played during the day when most viewers are not available. And second, you’ve got 2 other professional sports going on and FSD probably doesn’t want to take away from their audience. Potentially, the tv contracts for each sport may have clauses in them that gives them preferential treatment. I’m sure there are other reasons as well. Great topic – thanks! – Holly


      • OK. I guess I’m looking at it from a retired guy’s perspective. My buddies are all retired too and we would like to see those games. One last question if you don’t mind: do you know if all the teams are that way as far as not generally broadcasting their ST games?


      • Hi, Sprocket – Another really good question. The Cubs just announced that they will broadcast every single game of theirs either on tv or radio for the first time ever. I don’t know if any teams put all their games on tv. My guess is that they don’t. Most, from what I have read, most try to broadcast either on tv or radio but some days, like split squad ones, it just doesn’t work. At least we’re not Dodgers fans…. 🙂 – Holly


  3. I just got back from Arizona and saw plenty of teams down in Spring Training, including the Cubs. They had to have drawn at least a few thousand for fan appreciation day at Sloan Park. The thing was, it was a non-game day. There were concerts, fans partying, tailgating, playing bean toss, flying the “W” flag, fans wearing their Cubs championship merchandise, the concession stands and team shop were open and beer was also sold. There was no trouble or rowdiness whatsoever. It was Spring Training and everyone was happy. It got me to thinking if the Tigers ever won a world title what the atmosphere would be down in Lakeland the following Spring and how many time in recent years we were close to experiencing something like Cubs fans were experiencing.


    • Hi, Sprocket – It’s complicated but the Dodgers struck a really bad deal with Time Warner to broadcast their games which resulted in 3/4th of their local fans unable to watch the games. Essentially, TW dramatically hiked the viewing price to the regional tv providers and almost all of them refused to add the games to their systems. Yikes! – Holly


  4. It’s been touched on before but will Chris I be the one that finally kills the destructive Leyland influence on this organ(eye)zation? Lakeland must look like a casting call for a Cocoon or Grumpy Old Men sequel. Average or failed managers with obsolete ideas everywhere! Another problematic area is the training staff led by a guy who can’t even manage to keep himself in decent shape and who must’ve been at lunch last March when Daniel Norris decided to try to break the team record for box jumps and/or rack squats. Were Zim and Cam handled properly last year? How about Victor & Miggy before that?

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  5. A lot has been written about Chris I. Solid business background, critical thinker, analytical mind, astute, decisive, etc. He’s said all the right things about his love of baseball & the Tigers in particular. However, his resume calls into question his support of “Al’s approach wholeheartedly”, his apparent approval of current staff, acceptance of cultural tendencies, & satisfaction with the status quo. It doesn’t compute.


  6. Question for Holly, If the Tigers option Sanchez to the minors, do they have to pay his salary if another team claims him? This would give them the option of adding a young pitcher on the 40 man roster without adding to payroll. Also would give Sanchez a chance to reinvent himself as a reliever or regain himself as a starter.


    • Hi, Matthew – I like how you think! Anibal is a 10-5 guy so he has the right to veto any moves. However, before the Tigers could option him to the minors, he would have to be put through waivers first. If a team claims him, they would pay his salary. There’s also the option for both teams to negotiate a trade – in which the Tigers could pay some of his salary. If no one claims him, I would think he would want to go to the minors to work things out pressure-free with a chance to return. Thanks for inspiring some great conversation! – Holly


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