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It’s incredible to comprehend, but it’s here already! Lakeland will welcome a full complement of Tigers today for the first spring workout; while many of us will enjoy 60 degree temperatures back here in Michigan. Feels like baseball, doesn’t it?

Saturday’s segment is a day to touch on as many issues as possible. Let’s see what’s on the minds of our writers this week. They don’t share their Saturday topics and it’s only for the readers’ benefit. So, expect a wide array of thoughts.



There is a reason that seemingly everyone’s player to watch this spring is Jordan Zimmermann. It’s the camp’s worst kept secret, the seriousness of Jordan’s condition and the likelihood of him having another mountain of injury problems this season. Things can get pretty worrisome when one of your best pitchers must find a way to pitch knowing he can pinch a nerve in his neck at any time.


Whose grand idea was it to start this WBC extravaganza? Don’t we spend enough time worrying about our stars just emerging from spring training healthy? And who really pays attention to this competition; am I alone in my disinterest?


It wasn’t long ago that many viewed JV’s relationship with Kate Upton as a distraction; something that may have been a cause for the struggles he was having prior to last season. But questioning that was unfairly questioning his mental toughness. If there is one thing that never should have been scrutinized, it was JV’s razor sharp focus and work ethic.



If Jim Leyland advised JV not to pitch in the WBC, why didn’t he do the same for Michael Fulmer? Some analysts are concerned that Fulmer is ramping up his innings pitched too quickly given that he threw 40% more innings last year despite having his starts slowed down. The WBC requires an even earlier start to the year and will elevate his pitch count (if he does indeed pitch) even before he steps on the rubber for the Tigers, creating a valid concern over the long haul this year.


Speaking of Fulmer, there are those outside of the Tigers who want to protect his talent. With the news that another team’s pitcher fell through his roof as he tried to repair it, MLB commentators quickly pointed out Michael Fulmer’s off-season job as plumber. They said that the Tigers need to stop that work NOW because it is way too easy for him to injure an arm, hand or fingers in his line of work.


In a week where news articles are supposed to offer fluffy and uplifting stories as spring training starts, there have been a number of articles where the journalists are concerned about the health of certain players. It’s never good news when you read that Shane Greene still has symptoms of blood clots in his arm which make his fingers go cold or that it is still unclear whether Jordan Zimmermann is out of the woods with last season’s issues. The health and injury concerns have already started – and it’s not even March.

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  1. Re JV and Kate: Casey Stengel famously remarked (I’ll clean it up here) that it isn’t the sex that is the problem, it is the staying up late at night and drinking required to obtain it. So having Ms Upton “safe at home” would seem to be all to the good.


  2. Guilty with explanation 🙂 JV/Kate/no problem. Focus/work ethic/irrefutable. Stinker games after red carpet/late show functions? Legit concern & fair game for criticism. Observing physical fatigue is not a knock on mental toughness. Injury anxiety overrides interest in WBC.


  3. I would hope the wisdom of sending injury-prone players to the WBC is a topic unto itself for this blog. If Miggy and Victor are so delicate that they are openly allowed to slow-trot to first on a routine ground ball then why are they allowed to play in the WBC? Who covers the contract if they are hurt in the WBC?

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  4. Fulmer is basically an alternate who will not pitch until what would be middle/late ST. With the pitch counts and other rules, it will be tougher mentally than ST but NOT physically. VMart, Miggy even Kinsler? Whole different story. High-paid “stars” should be more committed to making sure that they are ready and able to produce.


  5. Spocket, Helen, and Doug all make good points today. Heck with the WBC. TT: Please look into this and let us know what, if any, control the team has over their players when it comes to outside activities. Can the team prevent these players from playing in the WBC? if so, why don’t they?

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  6. Why do the Tigers constantly refuse to deal with player injuries during the off season?? Now its Greene and Zimmermann. Why are they allowing key players to risk injury in the farce known as the WBC?? Even if they don’t give a darn about the players, they should be smart enough to care about the team’s upcoming record!


  7. I can see why Mickey L. worked off-season, but why a cat like Fulmer ?? don’t these dudes make in excess of 6 figure contracts ? Heck, call a plumber — don’t be one.


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