By:  Kurt Snyder & Holly Horning

Saturday’s segment is a day to touch on as many issues as possible. As we head into the New Year and watch seemingly every team make moves to improve but the Tigers, there is plenty to contemplate about the home team and where they are headed.

Kurt and Holly don’t share and it’s only for the readers’ benefit. It almost always translates into a wide array of thoughts.



Even though the Tigers more than likely had little chance of striking a deal with a division rival, it’s pretty maddening to watch Jarrod Dyson head from KC to Seattle. His combination of speed and athleticism was the perfect fit to help fill the void in Comerica Park’s vast centerfield. But again, the Tigers’ plan is a mystery and we will be right here waiting for it to unfold.


The Kansas City Royals are a franchise that knows who they are. They are a small market organization that found the formula, sensed a window and took advantage. They cracked the code and frankly, I give them a better shot of getting back to the World Series before the Tigers, given how Detroit has hopelessly and unsuccessfully searched for that same formula and how KC searched and found it.


What about this situation with the Tigers doesn’t scream sale? The last few mentions of the notion have been met with a good amount of disagreement from our readers. So I have to ask, what is the general consensus about what is going on; and why does a sale seem so far-fetched?



Now that David Ortiz has retired, the focus in Boston has been finding a new DH to replace him. Despite Dave Dombrowski’s long-term relationship with Victor Martinez, a farm system chock full of prospects, an unlimited budget, an ideal ballpark and a salary close to what Ortiz was making, there hasn’t been a single nibble by Boston regarding VMart. Not a good sign that Victor will ever be traded, given that his role is too limited, he’s getting up there in years and too expensive for almost all of the other AL teams.


As expected, the usual suspects, er, I mean writers, have started their Redemptions, Reminders and Reassurance projects.

The latest one fully excuses the lack of trades and movement by the Tigers and blames it all on other factors outside of the Tigers’ control. And the too-obvious reassurance that Mr. I is still very much in charge – timed to calm fans’ fears during season ticket sales and in advance of the big PR events and tours.


Congrats to Jay-Z and his Roc Nation sports agency for utilizing a unique strategy to get their client, Yoenis Cespedes, another hefty contract that other teams did not want to pay. They managed to correlate in monetary terms how much marketing and free PR Cespedes brought his team last year in the media with over 60 stories written about him. It makes Justin Verlander’s frequent social media posts pale in comparison.


  1. Kurt, do you suppose the $145M Illich had tried to refinance his portion of build debt of Comerica in included in value of club? If seperate he holds that debt after any sale. They may be in hurry and sell now to avoid that before gates plummets again. They are stuck in tenant lease. Not their building. The money picture suggests sell now.


  2. Kurt, the fact that Avila appears to some extent to be a place-holder GM may be a sign that a sale is imminent. Granted, the off-season isn’t over but does anyone feel he is doing anything other than running in place and keeping his seat warm for the next GM?


  3. You know I am one of your biggest fans, but it looks like I need to call “Foul” (ball) once again. The point about the 3 “R’s” catching the MSM’s attention is well taken. However, I read the “Cespedes marketing value” story elsewhere first. TT isn’t going mainstream, is it? LOL


    • Hi, Herb – Saturday’s blog is about stories and information that caught our attention this week. it’s not a day to break down analysis. But in either case, we’d NEVER go mainstream! 🙂 Thanks for reading! – Holly

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  4. Dyson would have been a nice pickup. Trade Iggy for Jankowski, even up is fine. He’s under control for two years, then gone. Any falloff at SS beats the defensive void we’ll see in CF with the proposed candidates. VMart for a AA prospect in a salary dump if there’s a taker. We have enough DH’s.


  5. Every so often I hear mention of the Tigers being sold. If this is close to factual – who are the candidates for new ownership and when may this scenario “pop?” Any and all comments appreciated – thanks.


  6. Is it possible that politics have influenced the timing of the sale? Are they waiting to see if the death tax will be repealed or a hefty increase in the current exemption allowed will become law under a new administration?


  7. Tiger Nation spinning their wheels during the depth of January freeze. AA doing nothing, Mr I selling, no CF, Detroit Rags cranking up hot stove league soup. Spring Training can’t get here soon enough. TT going mainstream? I may move to Kathmandu!


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