I believe a Letter to the Owner is an appropriate exercise towards the end of every baseball season. But with all the speculation about who is actually running the Tigers and who might be running the team at the end of 2017, who knows who I will be writing to and about what.

Take a look at my Letter to Mike in September, and then decide what will be the hot topic next season. To whom will I write? And will it be about the same tired story?

Totally Tigers

By:  Kurt Snyder

Dear Mr. Ilitch,

I can’t imagine how you must be feeling as another Tiger season threatens to end once again, with disappointment; another season that may end without even a playoff appearance.

All over the league teams are fighting tooth and nail to qualify for the elusive Wild Card spots. Teams like Seattle and even the Yankees have gotten on rolls in September. Sure, they may run out of gas and not qualify, but these teams have shown a lot of character, a lot of spunk and desire, in an attempt to snatch one of those spots.

The Yankees, who sold the farm to build a farm, have surprised just about everyone with their improved play and contention for a Wild Card. But your Tigers, they are just meekly fading away.

Sure, there have been great individual performances, mostly by Justin Verlander, who has given you a…

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7 thoughts on “A LETTER TO THE OWNER

  1. Dear Mr. Ilitch, Your beloved Tigers are the odds on favorite to win the 2017 world series! They’ve fought tooth & nail, never gave up, & modeled what real winners look like. I can see that coveted ring on your finger already … if only in my dreams.


  2. We now know AA retained Brad, sat tight during winter meetings and has scooped up his son. My take- new owner and fresh start NEXT season. See ya AA, Brad and staff. Because I LOVE BB and the Nemo’s experience I will attend perhaps 3 games.


  3. The players lack fire in the belly, not heart – just no fire. All the players are the same type hitter as Miggy. Sparky’s teams had a blend of lefty-righty, line drive contact and sluggers. Blends give you match up strength, not one dimensional hitters who kill fastball pitchers and get shut down by marginal control pitchers Trammell-Whitaker would have killed.


    • Good points! There is no fire in their belly’s and whose job is it to put it there? I can’t imagine anyone playing for Sparky, or Earl, or Billy, and being allowed to NOT HAVE fire in their belly. Maybe the first guy who should be required to have fire in his belly is the manager!


    • Heart, but no fire. Yes siree. They just lay down when there is a big game or series on the line. Started in the 2006 World series. We all thought it was something else, but time has shown they just lay down.


  4. Since 2007 (the 2006 team gets a free pass,) the Tigers have been nothing but a collection of 25 baseball players. They were never a “team.” All their playoff exits were due to losing to real “teams” that had chemistry. This team does not have it and it won’t show in ’17 either. I’m predicting a last place finish.


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