During this holiday weekend, let’s take another look at Holly’s post from earlier in the week. What categories might the team consider to determine the path they will follow in this most uncertain of futures?

Totally Tigers

By:  Holly Horning

These are insane times for us Tiger fans. Gone are the days when we heard the yearly proclamation that the team was  “all in.” Gone are the days when we knew a big name would be signed every year. Now we’ve all become Sherlock Holmes trying to figure out which direction the team is taking.

Are they contenders, tweakers or rebuilders? Are they a team that is tearing it all down or merely refining the way they play? Are they shedding some excess payroll or having a fire sale?

Who knows right now. We could be left hanging for another 5 weeks – maybe more before we know where the team is headed. Even then, don’t expect those who run the team to tell you their strategy. Some of it, they don’t want you to know. And the strategy and spin may well change over the coming…

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