This is a day where we all give thanks. And we here at Totally Tigers want to show ours to you, the readers. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. So we send out a big roar of approval to those who read us every day, to those who binge-read us, the solid core who comment regularly and to the many who silently lurk in the shadows. Even those who read us occasionally. We love you all.

We are thrilled that you get us and why we started this blog. We love that you’re looking for conversation starters and not spin. And the fact that we often don’t give answers – and that explanations are often presented. All in a civil, user-friendly environment that encourages the sharing of thoughts and ideas.

And as we go forward, expect some tweaks from Totally Tigers. We’ll be expanding, adding new formats and other new ideas to keep you informed, entertained and intellectually stimulated. And if you have ideas and/or topics you’d like to see, email us and let us know. We won’t publish your thoughts but we will give you credit when they appear.

Thank you from the bottom of our little blue and orange striped hearts for being our readers. And may the only turkey you see this coming holiday season be the one on your dining room table – and not in the form of a player trade.


  1. My vote for Tigers “Turkey Of The Year” goes to Tyler Collins for flipping “the bird” to the fans earlier this past summer. Not cool. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


  2. And a big thanks to you both for putting this blog forward. Not sure whether I enjoy the off-season or in-season banter the most. That makes it a year-round pleasure!!

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  3. I don’t go for coffee when I wake in the morning. I reach for my laptop to read Snyder & Horning. Totally Tigers is their dominion. It’s the best blog out there in my opinion. It’s enlightening, informative, & very well-written. Deserving the accolades top-notch & blue ribbon. So on this day of gratitude, I send my thanks for all you do. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

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  4. Totally Thankful for you two bringing this daily blog! May you enjoy blessings today and every day! You truly make so many Detroiter’s happy every day. Keep up the great work!

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