On this holiday, let’s revisit a recent, but most important blog from last week. Unfortunately, this may be one of the few blogs that will never become dated or obsolete. We can only hope that it may be retired in the future because it’s always important to consider the priorities and interests of the journalist.

This is especially important when doing what it takes to win takes a back seat to entrenched loyalties and muzzling the real messages. Misplaces priorities are the real threat to winning.

Fans are ultimately the instigators of change. An informed fan – an independently-thinking fan – always wants what is best for their team. May they always have access to a wide variety of information, and not just one side.

Totally Tigers

By:  Holly Horning

This week was one huge reminder for me about why Kurt and I started this blog. A week in which Tiger fans were bombarded with article after article about how Brad was essential, worthy, capable and deserving of retaining his position as manager.

Articles that were cringe-worthy with their over-the-top preaching, often requiring readers to put their waders on. They resembled little of a journalistic endeavor and more of something churned out in a PR department.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This has little to do with whether Brad’s option was picked up or not. And it has nothing to do with whether you believe Ausmus should remain manager. It has everything to do with certain organizations and journalists who take liberties with The Journalist’s Creed. It is all about promoting and disguising public relations material as journalism and attempting to cram it down the throats of…

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