By:  Kurt Snyder

I listen to a lot of Tiger radio broadcasts, and I never thought I would ever say this but I have grown to enjoy, and I can’t stress enough how loosely I use the term … oh never mind, I would rather listen to the radio.

And it surprises me just to hear it coming out of my mouth because I have been so critical of Dickerson and Price in the past. But if I have to choose between the TV and radio, well, radio is taking a slight edge.

I have been especially critical of Jim Price in the past, mainly because every broadcast is the same. He uses the same phrases, tells the same jokes, laughs at all the same things and will never, ever disagree with Dickerson.

Dan Dickerson? Well, he tends to get wrapped up in agonizing conversations with Price, and they are repeated over and over as the game progresses. He also tends to leave listeners hanging with the score, maybe the most important thing a radio broadcaster needs to repeat often. Just give us the darn score!

So, even with all of this, I still prefer the radio. And this is why, and I don’t quite understand it. Jim Price, despite all his faults, gets mad sometimes, and he shows it. He will point out a mental error. He will tell you like it is.

However, on the TV side of the ledger, the boys seem to be muzzled. Nothing critical is allowed to come out of their mouth. No editorializing. No questioning of a managerial decision. All the things we want out of good broadcast analysis, we can never have, because they seem to be restricted by FSD.

But in the end, don’t all these guys “report” to the Tigers? Aren’t they in essence employed by them? Are the rules different from TV to radio? Because it just seems the radio broadcast digs a little deeper, is a little edgier.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Did Kurt just call the radio team, edgy? Good God, I think we are losing the poor guy. But let’s face it; this is what we are saddled with in Detroit. And it could be that in time, you start to find more fault with how a game is broadcast the more you grow accustomed to it. After all, it is true that the longer you look at something or the longer you know someone, eventually you will find more and more to be critical of.

So we have to be fair. We have to accept the fact that FSD has obvious restrictions on the boys in the TV booth. While the guys in the radio booth have a little more freedom. It’s obvious.

But don’t get all crazy thinking I have done an about-face on Dan and Jim. They do drive me nuts. This is mainly just about the lesser of 2 evils.

What we have come to notice about Mario Impemba is that he has very limited knowledge of the game and its history, which surprises me. I believe he leaves it up to the color guys to offer that kind of analysis. He has to, because he doesn’t have it in him.

Dickerson seems to know much more about the game; while still letting Jim be a cornball and genuflect whenever possible at the feet of Al Kaline and Mike Ilitch.

So just as you can find fault in people the longer you are exposed to them, you can also find some value. In this case you really have to dig. But all the value seems to be leaning toward the radio. All in all, though, it’s slim pickings isn’t it?

14 thoughts on “TV AND RADIO BLUES

  1. Kurt, you nailed the issues that many of us have with our announcing crews, especially the ones in the booth & on the field reporting for Fox Sports. You provided another display of the art of pitching… err, I meant the art of Journalism!


  2. I won’t go off on a rant here…and I’ve stated several times how bad the announcers are and my own background in sports broadcasting… I’ll just leave it at this…..what has happened to sports broadcasting in the last 10 to 15 years or so is a travesty.


  3. Dickerson not giving the score drives me nuts. I believe I read that Ernie had a self-imposed rule to give the score every so many minutes. Gibby in the booth talking about everything but the game at hand has gotten very old also. With that said, I too prefer the radio broadcast.


  4. I actually enjoy Price and Dickerson quite a bit. Dickerson is a consummate pro and Price has a surprisingly good sense of humor; they are good company. Price will call out the Tigers when they aren’t getting it done. I usually listen to the other team’s guys when I am using the MLB TV app.

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  5. I didn’t expect such late movement so early in the morning! Posts written by the big man rarely stray far from the nice area, so I’m surprised you gave the boys the old buggy whip. You emptied your arsenal, & your writing is as versatile as Don Kelly baby. You racky-tacked this one Kurt.


  6. Home Run Kurt. I can’t stand the radio combo and was equally upset with the Mario/Rod “show.” Now with Gibby, C-Mo, and Morris it’s almost a relief when Rod gets back in the booth. And I can’t believe I’m saying that. Tigers and Fox better come up wit something this next contract because what we have now in this great baseball town is a true joke.


  7. I never understood the analyst from the dugout. More importantly, I don’t understand why they need to have a female crowd reporter. It’s not going to make me watch a telecast more intently. Why don’t they have a scruffy 300 lb. man with a lot of husk behind his voice doing the crowd reporting while eating a hot dog. That would be must-see TV

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  8. I prefer watching the oppositions telecast. You are more likely to get a balanced report. Even from homers on the other side.
    If the Tigers were as good as Rod, Gibby, et al. say they would be in first place.


  9. Certainly agree with your assessment. But, do other TV broadcasters supply critical analysis of their home team? I don’t really get a chance to see other team broadcasts with their home crew so cannot say.


  10. I think if you paired someone articulate and knowledgable with MLB cred with DD he might not talk so much. He’s
    been with Price so long he knows (or feels) that he has to carry the entire broadcast.


  11. Exactly how did any of them call the season ending Miguel Cabrera double play ball in the bottom of eighth? “The big man is not delivering in the clutch. Again!”I love him but it will get tiresome seeing him hit only for numbers as DH no matter who is on the tube or radio making the call.


    • Agreed that Miggy doesn’t seem to be delivering in the clutch but he has 14 game winning RBI this year; had 8 in ’15, 19 in ’14, and similar to ’16 for prior years. However, his GIDP % is almost at a career high (low) @ .182 this year. Today was tough but there are 20 games left so I don’t think anything about today was season ending.


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