it’s been my theme for the season; the importance of Anibal Sanchez. And remarkably, he could still make a contribution down the stretch that could make the difference, even after another disappointing season. Back in April. it was hard to imagine Sanchez contributing in October. Do we feel the same way? Take a look at what we were saying about him on April 24th.

Totally Tigers

By:  Kurt Snyder

Every month, I publish my list of 20 thoughts. And each and every month I have a holdover. The holdovers represent a thought important enough to keep thinking about and stressing for another month.

I have considered holding over Anibal Sanchez as the Tiger’s most important Tiger, every month, knowing full well the importance of having him healthy, strong and the dependable starter we have been used to seeing in the past. He’s the one Tiger pitcher that we hoped would be the difference; the guy to keep things interesting this season; not difficult once again.

All winter long, as I contemplated who the most important Tigers would be, there were 4 names. The list always starts with Miggy, eventually includes VMart and must include JV. But Sanchez is the wild card; the difference maker. One the Tigers need to round out a solid top of the…

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