Let’s revisit a blog from February when the prognosticators came out with their choices for the teams to beat. Despite it being a roller-coaster year, the Tigers have, at the end of the day, surprised everyone with their performance.

Could their disappointing finish last year actually be a blessing for this year? Few thought that they would do well. For the first time in a number of years, the pressure was off for 2016. Expectations were low. And maybe that is a good thing. Because, as the last line of this earlier blog indicates, the Tigers appear to be trying to sneak to the front of the line.

Totally Tigers

By:  Holly Horning

Oddsmakers and analysts alike have now weighed in on where they expect all 30 teams to finish in their divisions once the dust has settled in early October. Most of them have relegated the Tigers to the bottom half of the AL Central.

And I am most happy they did.

Say whaaaat?

Yes, you read that correctly. I absolutely detest all those reports predicting the future or giving odds about how a team is going to do because these soothsayers never get it right. You won’t find me reading these reports beyond the headlines or making a comment in a sports-related social media thread.

But the biggest reason I dislike these crystal ball statements is that they place a heavy burden upon the front-runners. They often create unreal expectations based solely upon the stats on the paper and don’t take into consideration the mental fortitude of…

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