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By:  Holly Horning

Since this blog first ran, the injuries on the team have only grown. Two of the original starting pitchers are still on the DL and expected to have 1-2 more rehab assignments before returning to Detroit. Al Avila was just quoted saying that Jordan Zimmermann will probably not be returning earlier than the expected September 10th date.

Injuries, once again, have plagued this team. Not just the official ones, but the ones that hinder performance. And this year, the team is in the running for the playoffs. Will there finally be a reassessment over the winter by the Tigers’ GM after his first year in the job? There should, especially if the Tigers want to avoid using injuries as the yearly excuse for not performing well when it really, really matters.

OK, this is just getting silly now. With the most recent injury to Jose Iglesias, I’m…

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  1. Holly, what exactly are you referring to when you ask , “will there finally be a reassessment over the winter by the Tigers GM after his first year on the job?” Assessing Injuries in general? Manager position and coaching staff? Last winter he did assess players, and rebuilt a bullpen.


    • Hi, Matt – The reassessment I was referring to about the entire medical/training/conditioning program. Dave didn’t address anything outside of the roster and the Tigers have had the same staff ever since Dave came to Detroit. Btw, love the riff on Lamont showing signs of life – thanks! (We didn’t have room to include it.) – Thanks for continuing the discussion! – Holly


  2. Every team catches the injury bug over the course of a year, the Giants and Dodgers are in a divisional race and both teams have key players on the D.L Furthermore how could any other medical staff have prevented Maybin’s jammed thumb, Castellanos’ injury (HBP) or J.D’s arm (crashed into wall)


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