By:  Kurt Snyder

Consider my 20 Thoughts for August as opportunities for readers to answer some questions. And there is a whole boat load of them below. So let me hear from you. (I even highlighted them for you – so you’re welcome!)

1. With the success of the 3 rookies in the rotation, Mike Pelfrey lingers on the disabled list, and no one seems to care. Can you say addition by subtraction?

2. Cameron Maybin and his thumb were big issues this week. One reader thought given his injury history and overall inability to stay in the lineup, the Tigers should part ways with him after this season. I am slowly heading in that direction.

3. It would be interesting to know the overall record of the Tiger starters since Pelfrey hit the DL. The Tigers didn’t have to scramble to replace him; they gladly did it.

4. Salty is the most dangerous .189 hitter in the major leagues. Is that safe to say?

5. As we head into September, could you be expecting too much if you foresee any meaningful contributions from Jordan Zimmermann and Nick Castellanos?

6. The timing of the promotion of JaCoby Jones says a lot about the confidence the Tigers have in the availability of Castellanos and Maybin should they make the playoffs. Doing it in August versus September makes him eligible for the playoffs.

7. Speaking of Jones, I am sure his parents were thrilled to death to have to suffer through an interview while their son batted during his first game in the majors. Are you kidding me, FSD?

8. The Tigers hinting at a platoon between Iggy and Aybar makes me wonder about Iglesias’ future with the Tigers next season.

9. The Tigers most important starter? Anibal Sanchez. Until Zimmermann finds his way back on the field, who else is more important?

10. How soon do the Tigers start looking at the calendar to make sure Verlander is the starter in a potential Wild Card game?

11. I wondered when it would happen. But I am officially worried about Miggy’s ankle again. He will someday transition from a first baseman to a DH. It will prolong his career. Is next year too soon?

12. Justin Verlander. We are back to looking forward to watching him pitch. We are back to expecting brilliance. Who expected to be back here … ever?

13. Michael Fulmer’s next start is an important one. But he has shaved his beard like it’s the end of the season. Bad omen?

14. Brad Ausmus. Candidate for American League Manager of the Year? Oh, heck no! But is he an improved manager? A heavily guarded, afraid to say it loud enough for people to hear, yes.

15. On the heels of that little nugget, do the Tigers have a team that could make a playoff run? Yes. Are they a team that can make a playoff run with Brad Ausmus as manager? No.

16. After K Rod, who is the Tigers’ next most reliable reliever? Doubt it if you like, but I think it’s Kyle Ryan. Right now. Not a month ago, but right now. (Yeah, I know Alex Wilson deserves votes as well).

17. The Tigers have stated they will only recall players from the minor leagues who they think can help them when the rosters expand. Do you think they would dig deep for Anthony Gose?

18. David Price, Yoenis Cespedes and Joakim Soria really made the Tigers better. Maybe even more now that they are gone.

19. This season has served as an important baby step for Bruce Rondon. Still young and still talented, he needs to now add a mean streak. Despite the big fastball, there still needs to be much more fire behind it.

20. Come from behind victories are good signs for contending teams. It’s one important variable shared by teams you see in the playoffs year after year. They seem to find a way when they are down.

11 thoughts on “20 AUGUST THOUGHTS

  1. Avila should be waking up every day and calling Dave Dombrowski to say thank you for saving him with Fulmer, Boyd, Norris and now Jacoby Jones. Not sure i remember a GM of a winning team who has done a worse job than what Avila did last offseason. Imagine how much better the Tigers would be this year if Avila had just did nothing last winter.


      • He got to choose $70 million dollars worth of players and combined those 7 have produced a total of around 1 WAR which is $-62 million dollars spent. Almost impossible for MLB GM to spread that kind of money on 7 different proven mlb players who average 10 million a year each and get less production than he has gotten from them overall.


  2. # 7: right on spot. # 8: Iggy will be Arb Elig in 2017, FA in 2019, with Boras his agent, we all know what that means. # 11: Everytime I say VMart is not helping Miggy, many say I’m crazy :), but he does need more rest and a full time DH doesn’t even help balance the roster.# 16: Greene? # 17: At least he can pinch-run.


  3. #2: Cameron is 29 & injury-prone. Recovery takes longer as we age; something to consider. #5: Not expecting much #9: Sanchez/Fulmer #12: I didn’t. Happily admit to being wrong. #14: Ausmus & MOY doesn’t belong in the same sentence! Improved? Hardly. #15: Agree #16: A. Wilson #17: Gose can run so maybe.


    • Gose may be a good runner, but he isn’t considered a good base runner. Makes too many bad decisions, gets picked off, doesn’t steal bases very much, etc. I’d leave him in AA and say see you in spring training.


  4. Cameron Maybin: Pick up his option year. No to any long term contract. Salty: Yes (since Adam Dunn has retired and Rob Deer is a memory from long ago). Miggy: That four year extension for VMart may well prove to reduce the number of Miggy’s productive years since it keeps him in the field every day. Anthony Gose? Please, NO.


  5. Right on, on number 7. How in the world that interviewer decided it would be a good idea to interview JaCoby’s parents while he was hitting, I’ll never know. Agreed on number 4. I wish he’d come back to the Tigers next year, but I’m sure Salty, at age 31, has put himself in the picture for a nice, solid contract from someone next year.


    • Not agreeing with Tigers fans love for salty season. Sure he was worth the cheap a league minimum contract he got this past offseason but a catcher hitting below .190 who’s also a major liability defensively too don’t excite me


  6. #2) Got a player who can duplicate or exceed Maybin’s impact on the team, regardless of injuries, before dumping him? #15) Ausmus may have improved in many ways but still doesnt have the experience to make the right calls under pressure. He’ll revert to his formulas, ie. K-Rod vs. the Mets 3 games in a row last month. #18)


  7. I have one to add. Apparently Gene Lamonte IS alive! Some one woke him up between replay and bullpen phone calls and he really took charge in that ejection game eh? He’s been playing hurt for years in that dug out!


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