By:  Holly Horning

Hmm, we could continue the discussions on injuries, Fulmer, injuries, the broadcast team or ….injuries. Believe it or not, there are other stories making news. How about if we change the subject to more SHORT STORIES?


Some cats just don’t change their stripes. What is one of the hottest topics in Boston today? Fans are pointing their fingers at Dave Dombrowski for giving them their lousy bullpen. They feel that the bullpen has regressed this year and stats show that those big booming Boston bats are responsible for saving the relievers’ poor performances on a regular basis.

And as we go to press, word has it that Dave is interested in bringing in recently released choke artist (both literally and figuratively), Jonathan Papelbon. This may be cathartic fun for us Tiger fans.


A recent discussion between former front office executives focused on how teams put together their rosters. All agreed that each team in baseball has a formula that is focused on what they are all about. They mentioned that organizations sit down as a whole to draft a vision and then come up with individual department plans to support their goal.

Teams determining that attendance is their biggest or primary focus, is called an “entertainment” team. Their job then, is to fill the seats. This also means that they look at bringing in players who bring excitement to the game. These guys are generally powerful, HR-hitting dudes. They want players to hit balls out of the park, steal bases and throw hard – to create excitement. They’re not looking for “small ball” or exceptional fielders, unless they are flashy.



OK, I lied. I have to talk about Jordan Zimmermann and his injuries because the local Detroit writers aren’t asking the right questions.

Hopefully, you read this week’s earlier piece on the injury epidemic. If not, we need to talk. But here it is again:

Left unsaid in the dailies is that there is a solid chance that the injuries following JZ’s original injury are related to each other. An injured part often ends up impacting other parts of the body as it tries to compensate for the physical changes.  Even Zimm said this was the likely scenario. A series of injuries that have kept him from pitching effectively or being on the DL for nearly 2 months when the Tigers have said repeatedly they didn’t expect him to be out for long with each new injury.

So it would appear that Jordan was not happy with his progress. He’s now making trips to DC to see his former physical therapist for treatment. The same person who worked on him regularly for 6 years when he was with the Nationals. Six years where he pitched without injury. And he reports that he’s feeling much better now.

Was he seeing a physical therapist with the Tigers? And if so, why weren’t they seeing results? And why was there no sense of urgency to get him right and allow him to languish on the DL for so long? It says something when you have to travel to get the non-surgical treatment you need instead of relying upon local resources.

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  1. Did we notice that Mabin went somewhere else for a second opinion regarding his injuries. He made a special point of mentioning this. As Vince Lombardi once said, “What the h… Is happening out there?”


  2. I don’t know why is is unusual, you are told to get 2nd opinions all the time, I went to my doctor to get one when our company dr. diagnosed me with an issue and I wanted to make sure he was right. After I moved to IN, I continued to see my doctor here in Michigan because he knew me better than someone looking at medical records.


    • I think the point is not that Zim got a second opinion, but that the Tigers’ medical staff is apparently incapable of offering competent first opinions.


  3. Holly, yet another great piece and one more reason why I love TT! You continue to amaze me with your investigative powers, journalistic wit and wisdom relating to all things Tigers & MLB. I need other ways to promote TT to others because the dailies are preventing me from further endorsement of TT to their readers in the comment sections.

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  4. Holly, with all due respect, DD is trying to get the best available guy just like he did with the Tigers. Avila is no different. Lowe has been a disaster, and J. Wilson is a scary at best right now. Bullpen arms are a crapshoot as evidenced by both the Cubs and now the Giants taking a chance on Nathan.


    • I think part of the message got edited out.. but by “him” I meant that the cubs and giants took a chance on pariah Joe Nathan.


  5. So Holly, a short response to your short story on Team building. Tigers “could” play small ball but the “CHOOSE” not too. Certainly with some PRACTICE, Iggy, Kinsler, Maybin and even McCann are all fully capable for table setting and advancing the runner. And then there’s Ausmus no clue, no solution.


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