By:  Kurt Snyder & Holly Horning

Saturday’s segment is a day to touch on as many issues as possible. With 109 (60-49) games behind us, readers have the opportunity to read and think about a number of different topics.

Kurt and Holly  don’t share and it’s only for the readers’ benefit. It almost always translates into a wide array of thoughts. Suspect nothing different today.



If this isn’t on Holly’s list, I will buy her another pair of shoes. In fact, Jordan Zimmermann has to be the biggest concern among all Tiger fans. The biggest question I have is why he even started the game at all when he was bothered by the tightness warming up for his start Wednesday afternoon; and why wasn’t he taken out when Brad brought his trainer to the mound?


JD Martinez’s first pitch bomb off Chris Sale to begin his comeback was something that will be remembered as one of the greatest highlights of this season, or maybe his career. You are always concerned about how long it will take a player to get back in the groove after a lengthy stay on the DL. But JD has returned to the lineup and is hitting the ball like he never left.


The Fox Sports Detroit production of Tiger games is very well done. As they seamlessly switch from camera to camera, they often catch things on and off the field that are of interest to the viewers. And I would assume that would help the announcers as they analyze the game. But here we were again Friday night, with the camera catching a furious Justin Upton slamming his helmet over and over against the rack on the dugout wall after grounding into a double play; again no response from Mario and Rod.



Was Jordan Zimmermann rushed back into the rotation too soon due to the failure of acquiring another starter, Mike Pelfrey’s injury and trying to close the gap with the Indians? Two less-than-stellar starts in Toledo, a pre-game warm-up that raised multiple eyebrows and a poor first inning that set off alarms should have been more than enough evidence that he shouldn’t be pitching. It was a huge risk to keep him in and not the way you protect your #2 starter and a $110 million dollar investment.


For those fans who are still miffed that the Tigers passed on Yoenis Cespedes, here’s one of the biggest reasons why he didn’t return. Last year, he played 18 holes of (walking) golf hours before a World Series game where he presumably injured his arm and performed poorly. This year, despite suffering a quad strain and insisting he be moved from CF back to LF (which also created unhappiness among the outfielders); he went on the DL but was discovered playing 18 holes of golf instead of resting his injury.


The situation in the TV booth between Mario and Gibby has somehow managed to go even further south and if the social media threads are any indication, this combination is driving away viewership. I’ve previously mentioned that there is zero chemistry between the two and Gibby’s shtick of discussing lunar phases – and now inserting dog barks into his commentary – are juvenile and beyond painful. This week, things came to a head and the two were trading some rather nasty remarks with each other.


  1. I’m not defending Brad, but I wonder if he left Zimmerman in because he wanted him to leave with a sense of accomplishment and didn’t want another Sanchez incident. I still wonder if all is forgiven between Anibal & Brad.


  2. Ray, there was ZERO Ausmus strategy or thinking with the Z scenereo as I posted the morning after. I was livid. NEW medical department must all be on drugs too! Holly, how bout you and I in the booth – Gibby has me “tolerating” Rod again? 😜

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  3. Starting JZ was questionable to say the least. Leaving him in was incontrovertibly the most foolish decision of the day. They risked his health & senselessly spoiled the winning streak. Let’s hope we’re not looking back at this game as the one that kept us from the playoffs. I’m still rankled.


  4. Gibby was this way in his first go ’round in the TV booth in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. He was always goofing off, making funnies in the booth. I suspect that’s why during this last stint in the booth, they brought in C Mo, kept him in the camera box and kept going to him for the real insights they weren’t getting from Gibby.


  5. Kirk Gibson’s “bark” was explained as a payoff to a challenge he lost in the Tigers Clubhouse. It was his way of saying “I’m on board” with the team. While it was a bit silly, I’m for anything that keeps Tiger’s morale up and the current good atmosphere among the team. I am still a fan of Gibby.


  6. I love an 8 game win streak as much as the next person but will remain silent about Ausmus’s role in it. JZ left in is just another proof to you that he is not in control or savvy enough to be in his position. If Avila extends him… I’m done with them both.

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