By:  Kurt Snyder

Well, here we are. Al Avila has basically told us to hold on with our expectations at the trade deadline. In fact, I wondered if he may have been taking our advice at Totally Tigers.

I believe Holly and I have done a decent job explaining how the best moves for the Tigers to make are probably the ones they don’t make. I felt it was fair that the Tigers who come back from injury should be thought of as “acquisitions,” the identical term that Al Avila used to describe the return of Zimmermann, Norris and JD Martinez.

Given how in sync Al seems to be with us, it appeared  like we were providing a valuable service. Two reasonably intelligent writers pretty good at putting words together and enough forethought to recommend what is best for the team. So thanks Al! We were hoping the Tigers would take notice.

But the problem is that Al needs to keep reading. Maybe he just discovered Totally Tigers. Maybe he’s a new reader. And if that’s the case, we welcome him. But we encourage him to keeping strolling back into the annals of this blog which is now approaching around 550 posts. And if he does that, he will discover our position on his manager, which really hasn’t changed much over the course of the almost 2 seasons our blog has been in existence.

Maybe his statement regarding what the Tigers’ plan will be at the trade deadline would have changed just a bit, you know, assuming he’s taking our lead and running with it. He wouldn’t have to go back more than a few days to find out that we aren’t on the same page, in the same book or even in the same library, when it comes to evaluating the performance of his manager.

If you’re not familiar with what Al said on Saturday, let us help you. Al said:

“Right now, what we’re really focusing on is trying to get the guys who are injured back and playing,” Avila said. “Those are going to be our major acquisitions. There’s nobody out there better than Jordan Zimmermann if he comes back healthy. Obviously, J.D. Martinez and Daniel Norris, those are three guys we are focusing on getting back healthy and they will be big acquisitions shortly.”

See? I’m so proud of Al. We’re finally getting through to the Tigers’ brass. Considering the return of injured Tigers as big acquisitions is a brilliant perspective don’t you think? But unfortunately it didn’t end there and it proved that Al hasn’t been reading the best of Kurt and Holly very long at all.  This next gem shows the proof is in the pudding:

“This is a team that can compete,” Avila said. “This is a team that can get us to the playoffs and we just have to get back guys that are injured. We gotta stay healthy and we just have to be more consistent and I believe this team has the capabilities of doing that and we have a great manager to lead the way.”

I don’t really know where to head with that. But after being impressed in a big way in the off-season with all the solid moves to improve the roster, things were looking up for our team. But remember, this was all after the shock had worn off after experiencing the most unexpected of announcements; Brad Ausmus would return as manager. And according to Al, it’s the “great” Brad Ausmus.

Al is confident that much is possible when led by a great manager. And he is absolutely right. But the most shocking and disturbing thing is that he has publicly professed that he has one. Al, please keep reading. What team have you been watching? I hate to break it to you, but you don’t have a great manager. Your team would be in much better shape if you did. But you don’t.

Trust us.   We are here to help.


  1. The statement about the manager is what you should expect. He is not going to replace him with no really good candidate available mid-season. If he really thinks Brad is a great manager he should avoid drug testing.


  2. Avila does use the words “great manager” in a sentence describing Brad Ausmus. Your kidding right? He expects us and players to buy that? Come on. Al also says, “Brad has full authority of the ballclub, the players and the backing of the players.” A pointed f-bomb from Verlander yesterday is the new fanny pat, at-a-boy in the Tigers Way? Sweet.


  3. Great manager?! How come Brad has not been renewed yet? What are you waiting for Al? I’m sure some of the writers from the Detroit daily’s that read TT are wondering the same thing.


  4. According to the Tigers brass, Brad Ausmus is a nice guy, well I can kinda agree with that. He is also well respected in the game of baseball, I am somewhat sure I can agree with that point as well. And according to the Tigers GM, Brad Ausmus is and I quote, ” A Great Manager.” Well now, two out of three ain’t bad, is it?


  5. I caught the “acquisitions” phrase immediately & reacted with a rather loud “My, My, My, where have I heard that before”! It was such an original turn of phrase that I’m convinced it’s a case of “borrowed brilliance”. We read it here first! More posts on the manager issue are in order. You just never know who may be reading.


  6. It amazes me that because Brad made a decision that didn’t work automatically means that the moves the posters or Kirk’s or Holly’s wanted would have worked. All I need is a reasonable explanation why the move was made, because managers manage basically the same,the good managers have players that perform.


  7. What does Lamont actually do? Vizquel is a fine infield coach but he and Clark cost the team at the corners and who is Dave Clark helping as “outfield coach?” Wally Joiner’s work with McCann, Upton, Collins and Gose leaves something to be desired. The same mistakes keep happening over and over again.


  8. Brad was the field Capitan on all those Astros teams that lost to all those braves teams that lost to all those American league world series winners. Never was able to connect the dots to victory then,so why expect it different now.


  9. Didn’t expect Ausmus to get let go during the season but I hope he doesn’t get an extension. The guy does not inspire confidence. Another mistake in the loss of resumed game today–Adam Eaton kills the Tigers. Why not walk him with 2 outs and face Anderson?!? Winning run was already on 3rd.


    • Couldn’t agree more Joe. Get them to swing at edge stuff and walk the guy, and the next if you have to. Force at every base. And where was this vaunted infield coaching and game management? Iggy not covering second. Yep that coaching staff are keepers.


    • Of course you pitch to Eaton. The book says that a lefty pitcher is more effective against a lefty hitter. Never mind that Eaton is the better hitter and also hits lefties better than righties, and that Wilson has slightly better splits against righties.

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    • Totally agree with you Joe. A team thirsty for a playoff spot would have done everything possible to secure win. Walking Eaton was a no-brainer. I’m sure Ausmus said “That’s baseball”.

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