By: Holly Horning

If you’re a regular reader of Totally Tigers, then you know we are a cat of different stripes. We are not like the other blogs or news sites out there that dump information in your lap to be processed in mere seconds and then discarded like Brad’s sunflower shells over the dugout railing.

No, we are baseball’s version of a whey protein shake – we want to stay with you for much or most of the day. And hopefully, a good part of the week.

If you’re reading our blog, then you’re a serious – and smart – baseball fan. You just don’t want news thrown at you. You want to think about the information and viewpoints you are receiving. You want different types of information and you want to process it on your own.

Hopefully, you also want to discuss it. Not just with us, but with your family, friends and coworkers. Maybe even with your pets depending upon the results of the last game. Which brings us to today’s blog.

A lot has happened during the past week. And much has yet to be played out. Here are some “what if’s” to take with you wherever you go – and not just for this week.

1. How much of the rumors surrounding the recent horrendous road trip have been a catalyst or wake-up call for the team?

2. How long will Brad’s sweatshirt smackdown with the umpire influence the team to come together?

3. Is Cameron Maybin that missing piece the Tigers’ have needed for team chemistry?

4. How long can Maybin play out his great start to the year?

5. Will Maybin’s enthusiasm and energy for the game rub off on the other players?

6. Or, will Maybin start to come down to the team’s low energy level after a while?

7. Could McCann’s poor start be due to a weak and tender ankle?

8. Is Miggy’s absence of power until of late be due to re-adjusting his batting technique after 2+ years of being hurt?

9. Will Brad ever keep Castellanos at third base late in the game?

10. Will Ausmus move JD again in the lineup?

11. Should Brad move Maybin up in the lineup?

12. Should Salty play more than McCann?

13. Can Castellanos keep up his phenomenal hitting?

14. Will Upton work to improve the hitting deficiencies Al Kaline pointed out on Saturday? Will Wally be successful?

15. Will Anthony Gose ever make it back?

16. Is it the bullpen talent that is lacking or is it how it is being used?

17. With Fulmer’s steady improvement, and Greene’s imminent return, will the Tigers chose to play the best or will they feel obligated to work through some expensive pitcher contracts?

18. Will the Tigers and FSD make some changes in the radio and tv booths based upon positive reviews of the musical chairs?

19. Will Brad start showing more energy or fire to get the team motivated?

20. Will fans see 3 out of the 5 starting pitchers change by the end of the year?

How long will it take for us to have answers to most of these questions? Make this a memorable Monday and take these questions with you wherever you go. And make sure to start some dialogs here, too!


  1. I’m sorry but I’ve had my fill of Kirk Gibson. He never shuts up, could be a replacement for Dr. Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory! Maybe some fans find all the technical crap fascinating but I do not. If it a 20.5 or 21.6 chance better if this or that does not add to my enjoyment of the game. It shows me how brilliant HE THINKS he is, just like Dr. Cooper.


    • Tony, Kirk Gibson is a lot like TT, in that he makes you think about the behind the scenes activities. I find his thoughts and opinions refreshing. He provides a unique perspective because of his ties to Detroit as a player and his management in Arizona. I love that he offers the “chess match” thoughts that players, coaches and the manager need to consider.


  2. Great questions, though McCann has made some terrific defensive plays and was credited with calling a good game for Fullmer. He has started putting his bat on the ball too.


  3. Even though the most important of the little things that turned the tigers’ season around was the NO SWING call, I think Maybin’s enthusiasm, and performance, is a big part of the Tigers’ success and it will last. He seems very happy to be back in Detroit, as opposed to Upton.


  4. If good hitting is contagious, Maybin’s passion may be absorbed through osmosis. Not a fan of the musical chairs. Rod, Mario, Jim & Dan do a fine job. Leave well enough alone. We will see a change in the starting rotation. Nick will continue to improve just like J.D.did. Brad won’t change Question: Does anyone else wish high socks were de rigueur?


    • Helen, I would like to see someone sport the high sock with stirrups (sp?). That would really be retro!


  5. While I am in the minority, I really enjoy Morris. His pitcher’s perspective interests me. Sadly, he doesn’t blend with Mario at all. As much as I enjoy Jack’s info and analysis, I can’t listen for long. However, Jack with Dan Dickerson (who I cannot listen to with Jim Price) worked extremely well. I’d love to hear that combination again!


    • Tim, I totally agree with you about Jack and Dan together. I too want to see them work together again and felt it was a good pairing.


  6. #9. I keep thinking Nick would be a good 1st baseman and wonder if that will happen down the road. #12. Salty was a godsend for this team’s offense. We got him on the cheap because another team is paying his salary. Defensively, he’s not “all that,” but I don’t think McCann is “all that” either.

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  7. 1) Gibby’s got the most original, enjoyable and insightful color commentary I’ve ever heard. I hope he’s reading TT like all insightful people are now and sees all the positive comments. 2) All the deranged and inflammatory criticism of BA needs to continue. It seems to be helping him.


  8. I don’t like the non-stop talking by Gibby during the games. I do enjoy his perspective, but don’t need to hear it non-stop. Also seems like he enjoys making fun of Mario and putting him down in some not too subtle exchanges. Too bad the radio and TV aren’t synched.


    • The Gibby-Mario banter works well for me. It’s like a mentor-protoge relationship. Definitely light hearted, not mean spirited. I did notice Gibby set all that aside and was very respectful of Dick Enberg the other day. I really enjoyed that broadcast, especially when Kaline joined them. It was special.


  9. #13. During Castellanos’ early years, I wondered why he was considered untouchable, trade-wise. Looks like DD may have seen something most of us did not. Is he now the type of hitter DD expected? Conventional wisdom always assumed he would hit .275 with 75 RBI. I’m sure everyone is glad we waited on him to come around. Now if he could just work on that arm strength…


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