By:  Kurt Snyder

Six games are in the books and I can’t wait another day to share April’s edition of 20 Thoughts. I am quite fond of this month’s collection. Feel free to share your thoughts.

1. Have you noticed how quiet I’ve gotten over interleague play? Well, we were home, no issue, no problem. Just use the DH across the board and all the negative feelings go away.

2. It may have had nothing to do with anything, but it was a good call to start Anibal in Miami versus Detroit. He looks good … glad we thought about a player’s well-being for a change.

3. As a new fan base for KRod began to criticize the seemingly overuse of his change-up, he got defensive. And I am glad he did. We need to sit back for a while and learn a little bit about our new closer and the vast array of pitches he throws, before we pass judgment.

4. Mike Pelfrey, coming off a great spring, was dreadful in his debut with the Tigers. Funny how seemingly educated fans draw conclusions after one appearance. Tough crowd, huh Mike? You had one start to prove yourself. Now what are we gonna do?

5. After Justin Upton’s 4 for 4 day featuring a monstrous first home run for the Tigers, I have one question. Who’s playing leftfield on Wednesday? (Sorry, I couldn’t help it).

6. A reader pointed out to us this week how we need to watch closely how the Tigers handle James McCann during his recovery from his ankle sprain. Agree. However, we didn’t hear the words “high ankle sprain.” If we did, the recovery would be a lot longer than 4 weeks.

7. Are you willing to bet KRod will stay the closer the entire season? Remember our luck. (Hold over from March thoughts).

8. The Tigers most important starter? Anibal Sanchez. So far so good.

9. Why does every new food item introduced at major and minor league stadiums have to be something to help shorten your life? I don’t know that I would even tell anyone if I ate some of these outrageous combinations of heart stopping ingredients. Mac n cheese hot dogs? Fried Bologna sandwiches. Pork-rind nachos topped with bacon bits, cheese, scallions and sour cream? Can’t wait!

10. First impressions of our 2 set up guys? Darn good. Missing bats in the seventh and eighth inning is refreshing to say the least.

11. Little did we know how soon we would need Bryan Holaday.

12. Is it me or does Gibby sound better in the booth this season? I have enjoyed some of his analysis. In describing James McCann’s approach to blocking pitches in the dirt, Gibby explained how the chest angle for a catcher is so important. When the chest is angled towards the ground, it allows the ball to bounce straight down. Balls tend to get away from the catcher if they stand too straight up during their blocking attempt. Good stuff Gibby.

13. When a shift is employed, what question drives you nuts from fans? That’s right, the irritating people who ask, “Why would they pitch outside when the batter is being played to pull?”

14. Fielder for Kinsler was one of the best trades in Tiger history.

15. Watching JV get a hit on Opening Night made me smile, I must admit. But I never want to see it again. Fix interleague play or get rid of it.

16. Little did Shane Greene know when he won a job in the starting rotation that he would never pitch a game. Early season baseball is tough on 5th starters.

17. Base running instincts? No change. Not good.

18. Given how the Tigers will swap their TV and Radio guys on occasion this season, I have decided Dan Dickerson may be a better fit for TV.  Why? Luckily, you can read the score on the screen, because DAN NEVER TELLS YOU!

19. On a 31 degree day on Saturday, the Tigers drew over 30,000 fans. Either the Tigers have great fans or they are completely out of their minds!

20. After over a year of operation, I think the future is bright for Totally Tigers. And I believe that because our readers are doing a great job of spreading the word. Every time I see someone go to the trouble of posting the link to our site, I just shake my head. Aren’t you glad you met me, Holly? Don’t answer that!

8 thoughts on “20 APRIL THOUGHTS

  1. Number 3: Amen! Furthermore, interesting as ballparks have turned into entertainment complexes (very unfortunate and sad) and mini carnival destinations that the food options have now matched the ballpark “experience.” What happened to just dogs, pretzels,popcorn,peanuts, Pepsi,diet Pepsi,sprite and cotton candy?!


  2. Good stuff Kurt. You touch on JV’s bat but not arm. He, not Sanchez must lead the starters IMO. DH rule during inter league is just wrong-period. LOVE Gibby’s knowledge, dump Rod please! Item #6- further response…Tiger Medical report following Red Wings description releases..” Lower Body Injury?”


  3. Base running instincts. Well fans, be prepared to continue pulling your hair out. I don’t think you can teach this at the ML level. It’s already too late by then, because the players are concentrating on BA and HR, where the big bucks are.


  4. #1. Last pitcher selected to play due to his hitting may have been Babe Ruth. DH for both leagues. #8. I think JV and Anibal are equally “important” because both are question marks this year (Zim looks like the new ace, BTW). #9. CMCA ballpark menu is horrendous. Too over-the-top. Seems pervasive in MLB. #7. KRod/Pelfrey – wait and see. #18. Do any baseball radio PxP guys give the score often enough? I say NO.


  5. On responses concerning Pelfrey. Not only was it just one appearance, it was one in 30 degree weather. Sorry but everyone should be giving Pelfrey a break when you’re only chance to show what you can do is to pitch in horrible conditions. Now if this is continuing to happen in June, then it will be time to be concerned.


  6. Here are my thoughts: (1)Do away with the DH. It has been a long time since the AL attendance has rebounded and we don’t need it anymore. (2) Do away with interleague play. I would rather see the AL teams more often. (3) Gibby has good insights but there is too much Blah Blah Blah when he is in the booth. Feel like I am listening to Joe Buck go on and on and on and on.


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