By:  Holly Horning

As we head into this Easter weekend, we also are entering the last week of Spring Training.

No matter how you may feel about this exhibition period, visiting Lakeland or any of the other cities in which the Tigers travel in Florida, is a special occasion. The vibe is different, the stadiums are intimate, the views are great and hope is alive. You should put a visit on your bucket list.

The view from Holly's seat.

The view from Holly’s seat.

And if you have yet to visit, never fear – I have you covered. I recently spent a week down there following the Tigers from city to city and managed not to get labeled as a stalker.

I recently completed a series of blogs covering my adventures – from the players to coaches to management, the stadium comparisons and cultures, player personalities on and off the field as well as some up-close updates on our favorite Tigers. Woven among these stories are observations about team performance. And I saved the best for last – the phunny, the phrivolous and the phurry. And yes, I was inspired by a certain mascot.

The Philly Phanatic tries to get the Omar Vizquel arrested.

The Philly Phanatic tries to get Omar Vizquel arrested.

If you haven’t read the series, well, first of all, shame on you. But redemption is at hand – you can catch them here via the links. And if you did read them the first time ’round, as the expression goes “So nice, you gotta read them twice.”


  1. Upon further review……judging by the photo, we had to be sitting only a few rows from each other at the Phillies game Holly. Bummer. Will catch one more game next week over in Tampa v.s. Yanks. Spring games are a rush. Tigers On-going walking wounded list a huge “downer” for me. Why is this so prevalent in modern day baseball?


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