By:  Kurt Snyder

With pitchers and catchers now having reported for duty, there is a lot to fill the list of monthly thoughts.  February’s version of 20 Thoughts awaits you below.

1.  There is not a single pitcher expected to make this team who isn’t considered healthy.   Can it be?

2. There are at least 2 pitchers in the starting rotation who we pray will stay healthy.   Can I say that in back-to-back sentences?

3. Why do reporters want to know why Rondon was sent home last season?   I would like to hear from him what the new Bruce will look like.

4. Tommy John surgery experiment #2 on its way.  First fail was Joel Hanrahan.   Will Bobby Parnell wipe away the memory?

5. Is Mike Pelfrey the  #4 starter based on experience and cost?  Because even with that, I consider him #5.

6. Oh, speaking of Parnell, let’s keep the term “100 mph fastball” out of spring training.

7. The win projection for this team is woefully low.  Why is that Brad?

8.  Even if the worst happens, I don’t consider Kirk Gibson a managerial candidate.   Interim or not.

9. If the Tiger pitchers give up more home runs this season,  how  quickly will we blame the new pitching coach and his more aggressive approach?

10. The Tigers most important starter? Anibal Sanchez.  (Yes this is a carryover from January.)

11.  Joakim Soria was a nice luxury to have with closer experience when needed.  Who’s that guy this year?

12. Here’s an old topic still on my mind.   Teams are shifting their best hitters to #2 in the order.   Miggy and his “speed” would just be silly in that spot.

13.  The silence on Jose Iglesias has been deafening.  Don’t know what to make of it.

14.  Is JD Martinez still earning a new contract?   Or is it official that we have discovered a perennial All-Star?

15. Many feel Castellanos is ready for a breakout season at the plate.   He had better.

16. Bobby Parnell should not be a candidate for the Opening Day roster.  Tell him now and let him get ready to contribute later in the season.

17. Are the Tigers feeling heat to retire 1 and 3?  Expect it soon.

18.   With Miggy back to full strength,  everyone will be waiting for the customary power to return.

19.  Most important bat?  VMart.  He  is the piece that completes the puzzle.

20.  This is still buggin’ me.  How do you project a team to be just above .500 when they have aggressively improved all their weakest areas?

11 thoughts on “20 FEBRUARY THOUGHTS

  1. 12. Best hitters in the # 2 spot might be something we see more often than not. Speed means nothing there, it’s a lineup turn around, it happens just in the 1st inning and then everything goes back to normal. But you do benefit by giving him more chances to hit late in the game. We might be around when the best hitter will bat first!


    • In 1987, Darrel Evans batted second for a time before the team acquired Madlock. They averaged about six runs a game while he was in that slot–look it up. Darrel Evans was one of the slowest players in baseball at that point in his career. One good thing about slow runners, especially given the Tigers’ recent history, is that they don’t get caught stealing.


      • Evans had a great OBP because he got a lot of walks. It’s good to have a high OBP guy batting 2nd. Plus in his case he had some pop in is bat. Was he slow? Sure. But you have to give to get. Cabrera batting 2nd may not be as good fit for this team though.


  2. “How do you project a team to be just above .500 when they have aggressively improved all their weakest areas?”. Kurt, I think you mean they improved in all but one area. Refer to #7.


  3. Despite the bullpen makeover, if Parnell does make the team at any point, we might as well rename the bullpen “Reclamation Station.” Gorzelanny,Feliz,Johnson,Hanrahanand others in the past.I understand pitching depth but I thought we were done with this reclamation stuff.


    • Matt, I’ve wondered why someone wouldn’t plan to have visa’s prepared and in order well before spring training reporting time. Even if K-Rod didn’t want to do this himself, his agent’s group could assure the visa was prepared on time. What’s a bit concerning is that K-Rod has had this issue on several occasions prior to other spring trainings….


    • It seems that Venezuela has implemented new rules about work visas and there is much confusion and backlog of processing. Our most famous Venezuelan lives in FL now so it’s not an issue. But with all the turmoil in that country, the government is afraid of citizens applying for work visas and then coming to the US and applying for political asylum. This is another reason for the delay. Many baseball teams are advising their players from there to not return and to live here primarily for protection from kidnapping. – Holly


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