By:  Kurt Snyder

Forget it! The Tigers aren’t signing Alex Gordon or Yoenis Cespedes.

The days of flying by the seat of their pants are over now, and frankly, I’m glad. The slick, unpredictable moves that Avila has made have returned this team to some semblance of order.

With the signing of Zimmermann and a little luck, the starting rotation may be very good again. And with the new acquisitions for the bullpen, we may have transformed our relief crew from one that was in shreds to a potential strength.

The rotation was a mess in September. In the end, only JV gave us a real shot to win games. No Price, no Sanchez, no chance.

And the bullpen? Oh my goodness, the exit of Soria was the absolute death knell. How many times did we have to endure watching Buck Farmer trot in? How many times were we going to have to see Alex Wilson come in? As good as he was early, it was a crime how much he ended up being used.

So the Tigers should be proud of the job they have done with this mess of a pitching staff. And from a fan standpoint, there is no reason to devalue the improvements with constant desires to sign another expensive outfielder. We needed pitching and Avila went and got it in impressive fashion. But there are questions.

In the starting rotation, the hope is that Pelfrey will be better in Detroit, in a bigger park, with better defense and another year removed from TJS. Those are the things we hang our hat on, but there are no certainties. In fact many would be surprised if he helps us at all.

We feel good about Norris holding down a regular spot in the rotation, to a point. He showed a calm presence on the mound last season, before and after his oblique injury. But we cannot ignore his scare with cancer in the off-season. Nor can we have big expectations about a rookie pitcher. We can be optimistic, but again, no certainties.

In the bullpen, it looks a whole lot better. We have brought in a talented threesome to solidify the back-end and the hope will be that their presence will blend well with what we already have in Alex Wilson and Drew Verhagen. These two are sorely needed depth now and will be counted on in middle to late relief just as much as the new guys.

So Tiger fans need to cool it with all the big dreams of signing a stud outfielder. This is a team in transition. You can’t say they are a player away when you have only filled your needs on paper.

Fantasy land is over, folks. Let some other sucker sign Gordon and Cespedes. Remember, we fell off the face of the earth because we had zero pitching left, not because we lost Cespedes.



  1. After 14 yrs of DD’s superstars it’s hard to believe the Tigers can contend with the team Avila built, even though Zimmermann is a prime pitcher. It’s always a matter of IFs, but if Pelfrey and Norris can pitch some way around 500, if Gose and Castellanos can improve their hitting along with Maybin, this team has a chance to play in October. If the big guys stay healthy, if JV, if the bp, if..


  2. The last move I would like is to sign Steve Pearce for his versatility (OF,3B,1B,DH) and LHB. He’s asking for approx $7m, so will not sit on the bench, the same as Maybin, which means he should be traded as there is no financial left for other players. At least Mr I decides differently. I would also allow Machado to come North in April.


  3. Yes, but…left and centerfield look to provide far below average offense. If Cabrera and VMart have health issues, which is more or less to be expected viewing past history, this is a lineup with a lot of outs. I personally wouldn’t have bothered with Maybin and fashioned a platoon with Collins and Raburn.


  4. I’m believe that AA has done his homework and the new additions will bring stability to this floundering team of the past few years. If all players stay healthy and play at and/or slightly above their potential, I believe our Tigers will be very competitive for the next few years. Good job, AA!! It’s always about the IF’s in pro sports – if, if, if…


  5. I like the idea that the Tigers are entering the season as challengers instead of favorites. The Tigers of 2007-14 generally were preseason favorites to win the division. Let’s see how the team’s (and manager’s) attitude and demeanor adapt to this new roster strategy. Most of the roster holes are filled. Now just go out there, compete, and win the division.


  6. Completely agree. Not sure how Tigers got J.D. Martinez to achieve at his current level but the potential is there to help a guy like Maybin. And why isn’t Moya a possibility to help the team in 2016?


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