By:  Holly Horning

The season may be over, but we here at Totally Tigers have only just begun. Did you really think that we would stop writing once the last game of 2015 had been completed????

We are just getting started. The off-season affords us the chance to really dig down deep and discuss the issues often put on the back burner because of the games being played. In fact, the case may be argued that the off-season on this blog will be even more exciting!

We’ve got the Winter Meetings prep, the Hot Stove season (second only in holiness to the Last Call sale at Neiman Marcus) and spring training to analyze.

No, at a time when beat writers and other bloggers will be entering hibernation mode, Kurt and I are taking our multi-vitamins, eating our Wheaties and spending our time writing and planning on website expansion.

And we’re going to cover it all!

Stay with us as we address……..


• More stories from the Ralph Snyder Archives

• Kurt’s memories from growing up in Tiger Stadium

• Analysis of those elusive years since 2006

• Final breakdowns of performance in 2015

• Lessons needing to be learned

• Reviews of Totally Tigers prognostications


• What needs to be fixed?

• Best and worst lists

• Player grades

• What’s on the Tigers’ shopping list?

• The Al Avila watch

• Who’s staying? And who will leave?

• Trade rumors

• What are the signs from ownership?

• Corporate culture and the intangibles that create success

• Putting Dave Dombrowski into context

• Broadcaster analysis


• Expectations for 2016

• Personnel changes

• Measuring winning and improvement

• Avila’s track record

• What will new acquisitions bring to the table?

• In-season trades

• Brad’s growth and grades

…. and more!

And one final note to those of you who read us. Hopefully, every day. (If not, then I want to have a talk with you.) Thank you so much for spending a part of your day with us. We really mean it. Our little orange and blue striped hearts are most appreciative.

It’s been great connecting and reading your comments. And thank you for “getting us.” We wanted to offer a resource on the Tigers that is so different from what is out there. You get that we offer reflective pieces, articles that ask more questions, blogs that sometimes don’t offer answers and a forum that asks the hard questions no one else is willing to tackle.

This is an adventure we look forward to continuing with you. And we hope you will send us topics and questions you’d like to see addressed in our blogs. Don’t be shy.

So we’ll see you tomorrow, OK?  We’ve got some great stuff planned.

17 thoughts on “WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN

  1. Good news to read Totally Tigers will continue to update us. Looks like the Tigers will reap the benefits of the 10 worst teams ? I will follow Price & the Jays to the end.May the best team win.

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  2. Thanks to you both for Totally Tigers! I’m looking forward to being able to follow your blog every day during the off season and will continue to tell friends that there is a website that asks the tough questions about the team & piques the mind.

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  3. Thanks for a great season to both of you! If 2016 is to be any “fun” at all, this off season should be a whale of a story. Look forward to your coverage and readers take on where our cats are headed as the snow flys.

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  4. Again, thanks for your unvarnished, insightful blogs. Look forward to them every day from way down here in SC. Keep up the good work.

    John Hoag

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  5. I’ve enjoyed the column because it looks closely at the business side of the game. It would be interesting to hear your take on the Matt Williams move. It was a surreal experience to read about it, as Williams was fired for almost the same reasons that Ausmus should have been let go (inexperience, leadership, etc.).

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  6. Thanks to you and Kurt for your thoughts and insights on Tiger’s issues. Look forward to your continuing coverage of Detroit Tiger Baseball!!!! Tom Z

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  7. Great job!!!! I enjoy reading your take on the Tigers. Much better analysis and insight on the state of the team than the mainstream media. Looking forward to the future articles/insights as we wait for next season to start !!

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  8. Just wanted to add my comments about what a great job the both of you have done this year. Thanks for all your hard work and thoughtful analysis. Interesting to already see the managerial/coaching moves by other teams who did not make the playoffs: Nationals, Padres, Brewers, Diamondbacks. But the Tigers are steady as she goes…

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  9. Thank you both for all the great work you did this year. Look forward to your great insight all winter. Since both of you and most readers are on the same page on this topic, how about a “thermometer graph” titled “Brad blew it” keeping a running total of all the games he should take credit for losing in 2016. Both of you will be the umpires.

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  10. been reading since summer…now, an everyday follower. Looking forward to Kurt’s Tiger Stadium (RIP) memories — I have mine for sure !


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