By:  Kurt Snyder

Anibal Sanchez injured his shoulder in mid August. He went on the DL the same day as Daniel Norris. Have you read this here before? You bet.

Given the free fall of the team since the trade deadline, I have been of the mind that we look to next year. There is nothing to be gained trying to get out of last place. When you get to be 15+ games out of the division lead, does it really matter where you end up? Your season is generally a failure. You need to look ahead.

The Tigers, who for years have been used to having great starting pitching, no longer have it. There is little left from the days of top to bottom strength in the rotation.

The entire staff needs to be infused with additional talent either through trades or free agency. That’s a major and daunting goal for next season. So, the guys we have now that we expect to have important roles going forward, need to be protected, especially when they are struggling with injuries.

But no, that’s just not what the Tigers do. What they feel is important is that we get these guys back on the mound before the end of a dead season. It apparently was of great importance to get Sanchez and Norris out there just one more time to make sure everything is good for next year.  But Sanchez has tweaked his shoulder again and is done for the season.   Norris apparently will start Wednesday as planned.  Hopefully he hasn’t been rushed back.

But please, can someone give me a logical explanation why it was so darn important to see these guys throw another pitch this season? Please enlighten me. What is to be gained, seriously? I am so fed up with how this franchise handles injuries and the health of some of their most important and expensive players, I can’t even see straight.

Here we were, just one day away from the Tigers finally getting a chance to get Sanchez and Norris back on the mound on Wednesday. They would finally get another look at them to gauge their health.   Why that was so important, I just don’t know.

Well, here’s an idea. How about we don’t do that! How about we rest them all winter, get them healthy and ready to roll in the spring?

Anibal Sanchez makes $16.8 million a year! And he now has injured his shoulder a second time trying to get ready to pitch 3 more innings this year before calling it a season. Someone, please explain the rationale behind this nonsense.

Daniel Norris, a prospect we considered to be the key trade piece in exchange for David Price, injures his oblique and should have been done for the season. But no, not here in Detroit. Let’s get you ready and back on that mound in a meaningless September for 3 more innings to make sure you’re A-OK.

Here’s an idea, let’s do that in February!

The Tigers rotation is a mess. Sure, Verlander has made a nice comeback this season and we will all look forward to him bouncing back and making a real contribution in 2016 after mostly, a lost season this year.

But after that, there is question mark after question mark. With the kind of season that Sanchez has had, and mixing in more injuries, you had to already be concerned about how much more he would be able to give us in the future. It’s even more of a reason, considering our investment and considering how important he is to the top end of our rotation, to treat him a little differently and take every precaution possible, starting now.

But we have been doing this all season and also in years past, gambling with the health of our stars and it just needs to stop. If I am overreacting, just tell me.

Maybe trying to get these guys some more work isn’t such a risk. Maybe it offers these pitchers some potential confidence heading into the offseason knowing that they have recovered and can hit the ground running in the spring. Maybe it’s much to do about nothing.

But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Because I don’t. I don’t like it one bit. How much confidence have we instilled in Anibal Sanchez now? All we did was load his head with more doubt than he had in August. Nice job.


  1. I don’t think the Tigers exactly rushed Anibal back. I am no Dr. Andrews, but from personal experience know that some rotator cuff injuries do not respond to rest or rehab I am just hoping he does not have a tear that requires surgery and possibly jeopardize his entire career.


  2. Why? Because the TV and radio broadcasters are SHILLS! And they think we are all stupid and ignorant as to what is really going on…THATS WHY!!!


  3. I sprained my ankle a couple months ago. Iced, wrapped, and stayed off it for weeks. It didn’t get much better. Finally I quit wrapping it and started to use it. It quickly healed. Sometimes rest is better, sometimes not. I don’t know about Anibal’s case, but I assume some expert thought it was time for him to use his arm.


  4. I don’t think they rushed Sanchez back. Better to discover if there is an injury that will need surgery now than to tell Sanchez to rest until February and find out then he needs to see the surgeon. That would make next season a wash out. I don’t think you have the medical knowledge to evaluate how the Tigers handle their injuries.

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  5. It is an ongoing pattern. Iglesias playing in pain half a season and then the next spring they figured out his shins had a stress fracture. Missing Miggy’s and JV’s core issues, then not realizing Miggy had a stress fracture in his ankle. Prince’s neck issues. VMart limping around this year. They don’t seem to take very good care of their players.


  6. I’m with Kurt and Opus. Injury handling has burned my butt for years. They paid the price with VM and JV. They have been LUCKY IMO with Iggy and Cabby. Pitching arms are too vulnerable risks in these throw away games. I get the ” best lineup” vs contenders that All sports are guided by. But not at the risk of blowing up careers.


  7. Pistons physical therapist Arnie Kander just moved to Minnesota to be the VP of sports performance. “Kander will be in charge of improving the health of a team that has struggled with injuries in recent seasons,” according to the Free Press. Don’t know what the Tigers have now, but they could use a VP like this.


  8. Kurt-I agree with these remarks 110%. Common sense dictates that rushing these players back on SUCH a wasted season makes a NO sense! They aren’t in a pennant race. At this point, play all of the kids & let the stars rest/recover. Try to accommodate Miggy’s quest for another batting title, but not at the cost of risking his health for next year…


  9. Kurt I hear you. Can think of a couple reasons, both very bad.They needed to see if Sanchez could be trade bait or could still be looked at as our #2.Tigers could then go cheap in FA and get two #3-4 pitchers and count on JV,Sanchez and a rookie at #5. Don’t see a title with that rotation. Sanchez is a “DL trip waiting to happen”.


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