By:  Kurt Snyder

With the latest rumor coming out of the Tigers’ camp that someone has leaked to the press the idea that the Tigers have made up their minds on the future of Ausmus in Detroit, my immediate reaction was, yawn.

However, if this is true, the Tigers ought to be embarrassed. No one deserves to be treated like this. If they have decided, then tell the man. This is just plain sloppy.

Mike Ilitch has really begun to show some cracks in his ownership armor. With the window closing on the 2015 season at the trade deadline and deciding that Dombrowski needed to go for whatever unconfirmed reason, then Mike should have gotten out the broom.

Most GM’s will want to hire their own guy to manage the team. Why couldn’t Ilitch save Avila the trouble at the trade deadline by sending both DD and Brad out together? They deserve each other. Brad blew Dave away in the job interview, and we could have blown them both away in July when the team had no fuel left in the tank.

The reasons for Dave’s dismissal are all over the map. The justification for Brad to be fired is not. He inherited a flawed team but if managed well, could still have been a playoff team. And when the trade deadline had rolled around, the damage had already been done.

None of the Tiger failures since July, will I pin on Brad Ausmus. So he gets a pass from me, after he had to watch Price, Cespedes and Soria sent packing. That was really the end of the line.

Brad Ausmus was a surprise hire in 2014 when the Tigers desperately needed continued experience from the managerial position. They were a team still primed to win and they were not a candidate for a rookie manager; not a veteran team looking to win a World Series.

But we all bought in when the Tigers came flying out of the gate. It was a fresh approach. Maybe that’s what we needed all along. Maybe things had gotten stale with Jim Leyland. Maybe Leyland was holding this team back. Wrong!

Jim Leyland’s retirement was ill-timed. But, I don’t blame him for calling it a career. All the playoff runs finished off with disappointment had to take a toll on him. And his emotions really got the best of him the last couple seasons. He showed it in his post-game interviews in the playoffs. The pressure was getting to him, and he decided that his time was done.

But Dombrowski screwed up big time when he tried the “unproven” approach. And all it has proven is that the Brad Ausmus experiment has failed and was the obvious wrong direction for this franchise. We needed seasoned leadership and we ended up with no leadership at all.

So now here we sit, with rumors swirling around the team that Brad is on his way out with still many games left to play in September. This makes the Tiger organization look really bad. It’s been a season of missed opportunities.

Dombrowski should have seen what we all saw after one season. Our manager wasn’t going to take us anywhere special. And when Ilitch decided to say good-bye to Dave, he should have had him take his buddy Brad with him.

5 thoughts on “YO DAVE! YOU FORGOT BRAD!

  1. It wasn’t even the Ausmus hiring that was ill timed. Leyland retiring was what was first ill timed. He should have left one season sooner, then we’d most likely have Francona as manager and probably a WS title and another shot this year. Then this Ausmus fiasco wouldn’t have even happened.

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  2. With the new Avila regime in place you let AA make the calls on the manager. It’s his organization now. Let him put his signature on it, establish his leadership style. Mr. I needs to be hands off on this. Let AA do it his way and be judged accordingly.


  3. “…if managed well, could still have been a playoff team”? Not at all clear. For much of the season, they had one decent starter (Price, then JV), and everybody imploded in the bullpen except Hardy and Wilson. They underperformed–shouldn’t be in last place–but don’t think that even Casey Stengel could have managed this pitching staff to the playoffs.


  4. It will be interesting to see how Ausmus “auditions” for his next job, based on how he handles things for the rest of the season. He showed a lot of poise and class in his reaction to the leaks. If he doesn’t take a job with the Tigers, I think he will go with the Astros (where they love him) or Padres (near his family).


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