by:  Holly Horning and Kurt Snyder

The season is slowly drawing to a close, folks. So, before the Hot Stove season is upon us, and the stories start flying fast and furious again, we thought we’d change things up a little.

Today, we let you in on who we are, what we’ve experienced and how we feel about this season. Two sets of 10 questions, the first on us, and the second on the 2015 Tigers.

Don’t get it? You will know what we mean when you read. So have at it.


1. Favorite current player excluding Miggy.
Holly:  VMart – His attitude, energy and work ethic are second to none.
Kurt:  Iggy – I loved watching him all year, but he needs to grow up a little.

2. Favorite all-time Tiger.
Holly:  Al Kaline – The perfect mix of talent and integrity.
Kurt:  Kirk Gibson – Love the grit, the speed, the fierce competitiveness.

3. Most disliked MLB team.
Holly: I love to hate the Yankees. No explanation needed.
Kurt: It’s the Yankees – heck, we were raised to hate them!

4. Excluding the Tigers, most admired team.
Holly: I hate to have to say I love the Cardinals for their consistency.
Kurt: It’s the Cardinals – a shot to win it every year it seems.

5. Hate, love or somewhere in between on sabermetrics?
Holly: In between. Stats should be used to explain performance and support the “eye test.”
Kurt: Hate. Don’t understand them and hate the constant reference.

6. Trade that made you weep?
Holly:  Mickey Lolich traded to the Mets for Rusty Staub.
Kurt:  John Smoltz for Doyle Alexander. I wept with joy in 1987.

7. Favorite Tiger manager (from 1901 to present).
Holly: Hughie “Ee-Yah” Jennings. Tigers have never had such an energetic manager since.
Kurt: Sparky Anderson, bar none. Said we would win in 5 years and we did.

8. Best in-person stadium experience?
Holly: All the games I attended when The Bird pitched. Tiger Stadium was electric.
Kurt: Game 5 of the 1984 World Series. A dream come true at The Corner.

9. Favorite piece of Tiger memorabilia?
Holly: (Kurt has me completely beaten on this one.) The Al Kaline autographed baseball that sits front and center on my office desk.
Kurt: My 1968 World Series ring inherited from my father, and it fits!

10. Best in-person meet-and-greet experience?
Holly: Ernie Harwell – the most gracious, lovely, thoughtful man to ever grace this planet.
Kurt: Kirk Gibson – as he posed for a picture behind Championship trophy.

THE BLOGGERS TAKE ON 2015 (so far)

11. Dislike, love or somewhere in between on Dave Dombrowski?
Holly: It’s evolving into somewhere in between and time will only tell where he lands on the spectrum.
Kurt: It degraded to in between from love. DD never found the formula.

12. Surprised that Dombrowski was released from his job?
Holly: No, Mr. I was extremely patient in giving him 14 years to bring a World Series to Detroit.
Kurt: A little. Only because I feel there are so few really good GM’s.

13. Biggest question needing to be answered from this year?
Holly: Will the Tigers realize that they need to address issues other than just the on-field performance?
Kurt: How could we let the pitching get so bad?

14. Biggest surprise of the year.
Holly: The emergence of James McCann as a top catcher and future leader of this team.
Kurt: The continued offensive assault of JD Martinez. Incredible!

15. Don’t ever want to read this again……
Holly: Another obvious, excusatory and uninspiring quote from Brad Ausmus.
Kurt: The bullpen continues to be Tigers’ Achilles heel.

16. Not surprised that this happened again…….
Holly: Reclamation project relievers and unproven pitchers added to the same bullpen with expectations of better results.
Kurt: The bullpen again was a major problem.

17. Biggest disappointment of the year so far.
Holly: Mr. I and Dave not pulling the trigger on a new manager when the team was still viable and capable of turning things around.
Kurt: Knowing our manager was an issue from Day 1 and seeing him standing there at the end having proved it.

18. Player who made the biggest contribution this year.
Holly: Ian Kinsler – Where would the team be without his glove, bat, determination and leadership?
Kurt: Ian Kinsler has done it all this season, and has led when no one else would.

19. Players who should be untouchable in trades this winter.
Holly: The “M”s – JD Martinez, James McCann and Miggy so we can continue to watch his Hall of Fame journey.
Kurt: Our entire infield (minus our third baseman) and JD.

20. Player who should be most upset with his teammates.
Holly: Justin Verlander – The dude has the best ERA in the majors since the break and he gets zippo run support.
Kurt: Miggy – The man deserves another ring. Every year he doesn’t get it is a waste.


  1. Holly: Mickey Lolich had some great years with the Tigers but wouldn’t you agree now that the trade for Rusty Staub was a definite winner for Detroit? I mean did Lolich ever do anything afterwards?


    • But Randall, I loved Mickey! He was a huge part of the team. Besides, I never forgave Rusty for dropping that ball in the snow bank and losing the game for the Tigers on Opening Day. Thanks for reading! – Holly


  2. Kurt, you have the ultimate piece of tigers memorabilia! A genuine World Series ring! As for me, my neatest pieces of memorabilia would be a Dwight Lowry game-used bat and an ’84 tigers team-signed ball that took 37 months (January ’03 to February ’06) to put together by going to the ballpark and card show signings


    • I agree!! When in college,drove from MSU to Tigers Stadium and bought a set of seats for,I think, $5 or $10 in the early ’70s. They were a Christmas present for my Dad. I have them now in our family room under a painting of the stadium, and Tiger banners from the 50’s.


  3. One of my best stadium experiences was Game 161 of the 1987 season, when Jack Morris and Mike Flanagan of the Toronto Blue Jays battled it out in the kind of electrifying pennant race game that the wild card has completely destroyed. The late afternoon overcast gave the scene the look of a Currier and Ives print.


  4. Enjoy all your comments during the season. Having been at Tiger stadium last for either the Tigers or Lions (’84 &’57) won MLB & NFL Championships is a great joy in my sports experience. Hoping I can “ditto” it sooner than later. Hope the Tigers can get the ship righted soon and we return to the baseball prowess that’s brought the City of Detroit pride and championships!


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