By:  Kurt Snyder

It’s 2:15 am in Las Vegas and I can’t let Holly down; so I should get full credit for at least getting something out there to read today.

I have been quietly following the escapades of one ex Tiger this season, someone we could have surely used this year. But he has done very well for himself in the pocketbook, but other than that?

So I harken back to the very first blog I wrote on this site, which I am reposting below, just as a reminder. My only question is: How’s that winning working out for you Max?   The winning still isn’t coming so easy now is it?

Max Scherzer turned the heads of Tiger fans everywhere when he said 2 very puzzling things while he was introduced as the new crown jewel ace of the Washington Nationals.

He went there because he wanted to win and that he doesn’t play baseball for the money. To which Tiger fans in unison proclaimed: “Then why didn’t you sign with the Tigers in the spring?”

Because just in case you haven’t noticed, the Tigers have been winning consistently for years. And the resigning of Max Scherzer would have gone a long way to reaching the ultimate goal.

But the Tigers saw this day coming and many realized it when David Price came in the door. He was the new Max Scherzer. They were going to make Max an offer that they were not sure he was going to take and having Price wouldn’t leave them high and dry if Max did leave.

But Max didn’t leave to go win. He was winning here! He left for $210 million dollars. He left for the money. The Nationals haven’t been raising World Championship flags. The Giants have. The Cardinals have. And if he would have stood on the podium with the SF or the StL emblazoned on his cap, you could understand, I came here to win.

But Max, don’t feed us this nonsense. You wanted out from the shadow of Verlander, which, by the way, you were already. And you wanted $210 million dollars. But thank you for making it easier for us to say good bye.

As my mother used to say to my dad, who would laugh hysterically every time: “At least he can feed his family now.”


  1. Thank you for reposting this as I’ve been a reader, and a commenter, on here for a couple of months. I really like the insight you and Holly blog about. When I wake up at 3:30 in the morning to go to work, before even checking the tigers score, I come here to read the latest entry. So once again, thank you.

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  2. If he did resign would we be in first place? I think not. That huge contract would further limit a much needed update to the biggest need in our bullpen. Still root for Max for what he has done and the memories. I enjoyed his no-no and near perfect game but think he is better off now. Winning is a personal goal. By definition that makes it a bit selfish. I’ll allow him that.


  3. With the Tigers collapsing, it’s time to adopt other teams to root for. I’ll start with the Mets, because of 1) the lesson they are giving to the Nationals and Scherzer about their big-spending ways; 2) Granderson and Cespedes; and 3) the attention they are taking away from the Yankees.


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