By:  Kurt Snyder

With the sun seemingly setting on the Tigers, I thought it might be an appropriate time for another round of 20 Things.

But I discovered something and decided that it might be pretty intriguing to give a current status on the list from the first edition.

This list was developed on July 6th and a lot has changed since we published it. So check this out. It’s pretty darn interesting; well to me anyway.  Hopefully you will think so too.

1 – Miguel Cabrera’s injury could mean he doesn’t return to the lineup until September. It may be too late by then.

UPDATE: Well guess what? The Tigers have decided to bring their most important player back early for no reason. Shouldn’t 100% healthy have been a goal for him to return given the state of the season?

2 – JD Martinez deserves to be on the All Star team. He’s been carrying this team for the last month.

UPDATE: Consider the box checked. JD has been the hammer while Cabrera has been out and he earned his spot on the All Star Team.

3 – I am not getting on the trashing of Justin Verlander train. I think he could be very good in couple more weeks.

UPDATE: Well, I think JV is improving but I anticipated more than 1 win on his resume by now. But things are looking up for sure. The command is returning, the fastball is much better and it’s good to see, just way too late.

4 – The starting pitching outside of David Price is not playoff worthy.

UPDATE: It’s why we had to sell the stars, including Price. It’s why we now have 2 rookie pitchers in our starting rotation. It’s why this team couldn’t put 3 wins together to save their souls.

5 – My first impression when I heard Chamberlain and Gorzelanny were DFA’d, didn’t we all just quietly say to ourselves, thank you?

UPDATE: We may have answered too early as Gorzelanny is back after a stint in Toledo to change his delivery and in his first game back gave up a homer in a 2-1 game to a .120 hitter. Chamberlain has since been released by whoever decided he could still pitch.

6 – I am not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that we still have plenty of games to play against the Royals and Twins.

UPDATE: Well, at this point, does it matter? I don’t think it does.

7 – I loved the move to bat Cespedes second. I have wanted it since spring training.

UPDATE: I enjoyed it while it lasted. Man, do we miss that kid. Hope he comes back.

8 – If we were going to vote today for Comeback Player of the Year, Jose Iglesias should win in a landslide.

UPDATE: I would write this again. He has earned it, but his play has certainly been overshadowed by the recent incident in the dugout.

9 – I knock on wood when I say this, but this has to be Cespedes healthiest season, and because it has been, it may end up being his best.

UPDATE: It is absolutely his best and healthiest season as a pro and he was fun to watch. Yoenis was a force at the plate and in the field, and continues to be as a New York Met.

10 – With Avila back for the Tigers, it won’t be long before fans start complaining that he is playing too much.

UPDATE: Well, I am pleasantly surprised how James McCann has been allowed to cement himself as the everyday catcher. He has earned it. Avila has filled in admirably at first when needed, but he is in his final year as a Tiger.

11 – There is something psychological about the fact that the Tigers are finding a way to keep within 6 games of the playoffs.

UPDATE: I was wrong, it meant nothing. They have spun their wheels, have never gotten on a run since April and are now playing out the string, after having sold the guys that helped make this team fun to watch.

12 – There is something psychological about how much more 7 games will seem then 6.

UPDATE: What’s funny is that they are only 5 games out of a wild card spot and it feels like 10.

13 – How much did it mess with your minds when the lead was 5? You wondered, maybe we can come back didn’t you?


14 – I was convinced Cabrera was headed for an MVP season again this year. Would he still get it if he came back and led them to the playoffs after being out 2 months?

UPDATE: He was, but now he’s back and for no real reason other than because he wants to be.

15 – Assuming Price is long gone after this season, I have a feeling Cespedes will remain a Tiger.

UPDATE: Price and Cespedes have both been traded. The only real question is whether Cespedes will resign with the Tigers next season.

16 – With Cabrera now injured, who will play the most games at first?

UPDATE: Any guesses? Really not worth the time figuring out is it?

17 – If Iglesias doesn’t win a Gold Glove this year, than I don’t know what you have to do.

UPDATE: I have never really understood the Gold Glove criteria. So, not sure if he is a contender or not.

18 – I think Rajai Davis is one of the best under the radar signings the Tigers have had in years. He is a pretty valuable player.

UPDATE: I am super glad he wasn’t traded away. He continues to be valuable and I think he will be back next season. We need to hold onto whatever speed we have left.

19. – Bruce Rondon gets a pass from me this year.

UPDATE: As bad as this season has been, it has allowed this team to bring Rondon along slowly, let him fall a little, pick him back up and allow him to keep battling. He is starting to pitch well again and it is a very important development for this bullpen.

20 – It was not a good sign for the starting rotation when Shane Greene went to Toledo. And it’s even worse that we have kind of forgotten about him.

UPDATE: He came back and still had nothing out of the pen. Back to Toledo again. He will go down as one of the season’s biggest disappointments, especially after the great first month he had in the rotation.


  1. One positive thing about this season is the depth that the Tigers have developed with the everyday lineup – Davis, Romine. Maybe Collins, Holaday and Marte.


  2. Re Cabrera: “…he’s back and for no real reason other than because he wants to be.” Exactly. It’s king of like cashing out your 401k and heading to Vegas because it would be a lot of fun.


  3. I disagree about signing Cespedes. A guy entering his 30s coming off his best season is almost certainly overpriced. The Tigers have too much money sunk into long-term contracts to aging stars. Can’t say that JV or Miggy have worked out so far, and I very much doubt Cespedes would either, as much as I enjoyed his play for Detroit.


  4. Miggy’s early return is all about him getting enough at bats to win the Batting Title. Having that on a team’s resume helps get FA to sign with Detroit and sells merchandise to pay his salary. He may just spark this team to go on a winning streak and make our Wild Card hunt interesting.


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