By:  Kurt Snyder

It’s a fairly odd situation going on with the Tigers right now. If you haven’t noticed, they have actually run into a pretty favorable part of their schedule.

Teams like the Red Sox and now the Rays came calling at just the right time for Detroit, giving them a real opportunity to maybe get on a roll against a couple of teams that have not been playing well at all.

Boston and Tampa were to provide some magic elixir that could eventually kick-start this team and justify adding some pieces for a run at the playoffs.

But, the schedule brought a false sense of security; a theory that we could make some hay against under achieving  clubs and then take advantage of upcoming home games against teams they are chasing. You know … contender type talk.

I have searched long and hard for justification; a reason for the Tigers to continue the fight. I have wondered the last few days, even got in line with some of the media, actually trying to convince myself that they were indeed going to buy despite their poor play. Somehow I thought, the Tigers are going to grab 3-4 stars and the whole ship is going to turn around.

You could almost understand that theory if they were actually winning games, but they are slowly fading away. Not climbing. Not threatening. They are daily removing themselves from the fight.

So, this won’t be a trade deadline we have become accustomed to around here. Every year, we wondered what strings Dombrowski will pull to execute another heist of an unsuspecting team, getting them to hand over their stars for our substandard minor league talent.

But that’s not how we will be proceeding folks. The team is speaking loud and clear, drowning out the sounds of their management who are preaching continued hope for a still attainable playoff spot.

Sadly, this team is not a contender, not anymore. Isn’t it amazing how continuous losing can really affect your enthusiasm and any hope you had for the rest of the season? Funny how that happens.

The Tigers haven’t had a winning streak of more than 3 games since they were 6-0! And really, what more needs to be said?

But team leadership continues running the propaganda machine; littering Detroit with messages announcing, ‘everything is gonna be alright.’

Dombrowski and Ausmus have taken every opportunity, almost as if they aren’t even watching these games, to try to reassure everyone that we are still playing for the playoffs and insisting there is plenty of time to make up ground and potentially grab a wild card spot.

Sure, Dave’s got to still play the game. He’s got a job to do. And it’s the media’s job to decipher what he is saying, and search for any hidden messages. Plus, Dombrowski has a responsibility to put his team in the best possible position for the future. So, he’s got to preach the good news to the people. I get it.

But as fans, watching game after disgusting game, we are just left to roll our eyes and proclaim, ‘Wake me when the selling begins.’

Because who are they kidding really? None of this passes the laugh test, even with more than two months of baseball yet to be played.

So this week can’t go fast enough for me. I am ready for what comes next. I want to finally rest and quit trying to decipher the Dombrowski code.

There really is no more mystery here.

In a few short days, Dave Dombrowski and Brad Ausmus will change their tunes and get real.  All the nonsense will be over and we can spend more constructive time talking about what lies ahead.



  1. They take the good will of the public for granted. They play Avila at 1B batting .188 day after day and guess the public won’t notice. To add further bad judgment they bat him in front of the best hitter currently on the club. I am tiger through and through but the Avila preference over logic is preference over winning.


  2. Dombrowski is still one best execs in MLB. No GM can win every trade, but he’s done an admirable job bringing in quality players. What I cannot accept is continuing to trod Ausmus out to mis-manage the players & in-game situations. He’s rendered the Tigers unwatchable. He is more polarizing than any of the players drummed out of town.


  3. The team has quit. Did you notice that on Kiermaier’s sac fly, Cespedes didn’t even consider throwing to the plate? You hate to see the young kids like Iglesias and McCann exposed to this. Ausmus is a bright guy and as far as I can tell a very decent man, but every day he remains as manager just makes the situation even more toxic looking ahead.


  4. My guess is that Avila and Davis are traded for a fifth starter or relief pitching. That would help keep them competitive without breaking the bank or future. And it would be a nice vote of confidence for McCann and Gose.


  5. Our gm is one of the best in baseball. as fans we are a bit spoiled. He will do what is right for the club–and in the spring much of the negative “talk” about him will disappear. he is not going anywhere. In fact I look forward to the remainder of the season watching some of the young guys in our system–and those who come over in the trades.


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