By:  Holly Horning & Kurt Snyder

In our never-ending quest to keep things fresh, we are introducing a new segment this week for Saturdays. Hopefully someday the name will be appropriate. The new segment, We Thought You’d Never Ask, is really for you guys, our readers. As we like to say, this is your blog too, and we want to interact with you.

Our goal one day is for readers to anticipate Saturday as the day we address questions you would like us to answer, and have you submit them by Thursday. Until that day comes, we will try to read your pulse and pose 3 questions to which we are limited to 2-3 sentences to finish our point.

We will handle the questions for now, but someday would like to use Saturdays to address your questions. Thus the name: We Thought You’d Never Ask.

1. What’s your take on Dave’s statement about waiting until next week to decide if the Tigers will be buyers or sellers?

Holly – It is pure and total spin – or at least I pray it is. It’s helpful to the team’s psyche as well as attendance that everyone is led to believe that they are so close to making a run when they actually are not. But Dave could also be setting up potential buyers, like Scott Boras does, by waiting as long as he can to drive up the price. (Pun not intended.)

Kurt – As bleak as things seem, I don’t blame DD for waiting and using all the time he needs to determine which is best for the team. The schedule is an interesting one with more shots left to play the Twins who, for the most part, the Tigers have handled. He’s always been patient and timely at this time of year, and I don’t expect that to change.

2. Assuming we trade Cespedes, should the Tigers try to re-sign him next year?

Holly – While I’d like to see him back, Roc Nation (agents who got Cano his 10-year $240 million deal) has set up his contract to create a bidding war. Cespedes turns 30 in a couple of months so he will want his last contract to span at least 7 years and a minimum of the going rate of $21 million/year, which would be $147+ million and financially unsustainable. The Tigers would still desperately need a left-handed bat and this is one of the few positions where it will fit in.

Kurt – This is a tough one for me as Yoenis has been one of my favorites to watch all season. But we brought him on board to help us win a title now. Not next year or the year after, now. I can’t responsibly expect the Tigers to re-sign him, but the speed, defense and extra base power that he has brought to this team must be replaced by someone.

3. Excluding the 6 free agents, will Dave trade anyone else by the deadline? If so, who?

Holly – It’s logical to think that if the Tigers need lots of new pitchers that some of the current ones needs to leave, with the only pitchers safe from trades being Sanchez, JV, Wilson, Hardy and Rondon. I’ll also pick Castellanos, with his weak defense, as trade bait for a team in desperate need for any offense they can get. Since the Tigers are out of contention, they could bring up Mike Hessman with similar-to-better offensive stats and superior defense or Corey Jones, a left-handed bat with excellent BA/OBP/SLG/OPS to fill in for the rest of the year.

Kurt – My view hasn’t changed since I wrote on this subject a couple of weeks ago. (https://totallytigers.wordpress.com/2015/07/09/nick-could-help-nab-another-1/). Regardless of what category the Tigers find themselves in, selling or buying, Nick Castellanos, as a young, second year big leaguer, would bring good value and may be a guy Dombrowski chooses to deal. I view Nick as someone who will continue to improve but not someone who we would regret letting go.

12 thoughts on “WE THOUGHT YOU’D NEVER ASK

  1. I read somewhere that if Cespedes is traded now, he would not be eligible to be signed by Tigers before May of ’16 due to some rule. If true, we can say goodbye to Yoenis for good. Replacement for Casty would depend on 40-man roster situation, so Hessman may not be an option.


  2. The buy/sell debates have become almost as repetitive and speculative as the annual NFL mock drafts. It’s been good for the talk shows and columnists, but the real story is probably in some decision support software that gets fed data every morning. When the options start to run low, that’s when we’ll see a decision.


  3. Kudos for the new segment Holly & Kurt! It is bound to become a staple for Saturday reading. My hope for next Saturday is that I am not asking what were we thinking by keeping Avila and Castellanos! I truly think that they will find their game playing for another team, but now is definitely time “cut bait” with them. My belief is that Dave & Al Sr. are fielding calls and waiting for all of the puzzle pieces from individual trades to fall into place before pulling the trigger.


  4. SIDE BAR -I just noticed Steve Mason’s post that he just started reading Totally Tigers after seeing a post in the news. He may have clicked on one of the links that I left. There’s a fine line between informing and spamming but I’ve been leaving tidbits in comment sections since I found out about this blog to let readers know that there are alternatives to the puppets covering the team. Love reading you both every day!!

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  5. God bless you, Ray. I do see your links to us and thank the blogging gods every day for sending you our way. As well, we enjoy reading your thoughts and responses. Thanks so much! – Holly


  6. If Nick is traded, what do the Tigers have in the way of an MLB caliber third baseman? Marte has not shown much; if he has any power at all he has concealed it brilliantly. I’ve been a Tiger fan for more than half a century. I doubt the Tigers have had a league-average third baseman for more than five of those years.


  7. I still don’t believe AA is leaving. But if so it’s gotta be a pkg, no one in their tight mind would take him unless a multi team trade. Steal a good pitch for a hungry team ( dodgers or Cincy) for Cepedes. Game 163 Dump Ausmus immediately. He’s 11 games on my loss card now.


  8. Holly & Kurt:
    Thanks for the insightful information on a daily basis – I’m a TT Blog junkie and consider your insights invaluable and make this season tolerable – thanks again!!

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