By:  Holly Horning & Kurt Snyder

It’s safe to say that we at Totally Tigers have a duty to keep the pedal to the metal and continue to dissect a topic that is obviously near and dear to the hearts of anyone paying any attention to our baseball team.

Below, Holly and Kurt take on one question and it addresses ours and a whole lot of others’ concerns about the manager of the Tigers.

This has been a highly flammable topic and I think our answers just may keep the home fires burning. So let’s go…..

How concerned should we be about the “miscommunication” between Price and Ausmus on Sunday?


Very concerned – this is a Code Red for everyone involved. And let’s clarify this incident – it is anything but “miscommunication.”

Price’s actions are the story within the story and a microcosm of the increasing dysfunction on this team. As a veteran with a reputation as a top professional, and a guy known to go for the complete game, he knew what he was doing. I noticed in the sixth inning that he did not look at all happy on the mound. Was his self-imposed exile due to the team only mustering two hits for him while Cespedes took a tumble for an error? Did it have something to do with the increasing level of clubhouse dissention? Both? Or was it because players now feel they can or have to call the shots?

We’ll never know the real reason but the fact that Price quit and overruled Ausmus’ request for him to take the mound in the seventh speaks volumes.

Whatever it is, Ausmus has lost control of his players as I pointed out in this week’s blog,

Add David to the growing list of players calling the shots on the field and ignoring signs from the dugout.

The severity of this breakdown now requires that Mr. I and Dave step in to mitigate the damage. If they don’t, more players will become unhappy, unfocused – and the Tigers will gain speed in their descent in the division. Star players will find it hard to maintain their stellar stats and for the first time in many decades, players may start asking to be traded. Potential teammates may even refuse being traded to Detroit.

Despite the fact that Ausmus tried to downplay Sunday’s event, there is evidence that the Tigers are in crisis mode. Dave Dombrowski has not been seen or heard from in weeks and he is no longer trying to support Brad in the media.

And after an article about the incident ran in the Detroit Free Press, it was mysteriously removed the next day. Not only that, but it was also erased from all search engines as if it never existed. That’s a sign of a team trying to control significant damage.


Concerned? This is a game changer. Any shred of respect the players had for Brad Ausmus following this episode certainly has deteriorated.

We don’t have a manager who commands respect. We don’t have a manager who players would run through a wall for. The Tigers have settled into a long stretch of nothingness. No momentum, no roll, no drive, no sign of any intent to contend for the division title. A win here, a loss there; just one spinning wheel. And astonishingly, with all that’s been going on, they were still only 6 games back going into Wednesday’s game versus the Pirates. It’s because the team has talent, but talent still needs leadership.

So, here is my concern. After this little episode this week, if the Tigers do not act quickly and decisively and cut the cord on their manager soon, Price won’t even consider the Tigers past this season. Cespedes won’t even consider the Tigers past this season. Whether they are part of our future plans or not, a message must be sent to these guys that this is an organization that can admit a mistake.

It’s a mistake that should have been admitted after last season, but my guess is that Mr. I felt Ausmus needed more time. Well, you can see what Brad has done with it. And the man has to be gone to give the Tigers any hope of making any noise between now and October.

Tiger fans everywhere have been worried about the window closing on this team, and I have never worried about the window for a moment. However, I can easily fall in line if Brad is allowed to exhibit more episodes of “miscommunication” and lack of control that will efficiently slam the window closed.

9 thoughts on “ONE TOPIC – TWO TAKES

  1. That’s the problem with this team-they take forever to take action on important matters. They didn’t decide to put Martinez on the DL until the media began criticizing them, which was weeks after the fans. No one seems to be able to make the tough decisions that needs to be made. Does anybody still seriously believe that Ausmus shouldn’t be fired? The air around the organization needs cleaning.


  2. Could not agree more that Ausmus is the teams number one problem. His extremely poor record for game strategy has cost us at least 10 games. He continues to exhibit poor communication with the team. He is losing the clubhouse at a rate not seen around here in a generation. Worse, local beat writers avoid calling Ausmus out, and this only exacerbates the problem.


  3. Agree with all this but one item. I very much doubt that the Tigers had a shot at resigning Price even before this. He wants a ring, and the anybody can see that the Tigers’ window is closing.


    • Despite the odds of signing Price or Cespedes, the mismanagement will not serve us well in keeping the Tigers on their list of destinations. If anything, it will help them make up their minds to go elsewhere.

      Thanks for reading,


  4. I believe Mad Max saw this coming and this disfunction factored into his decision to leave Detroit – along with other issues that DD created over the past few years. Mr. I, DD, and a new manager have to make significant changes ASAP or the next few years are history. Team imploding before everyone’s eyes!!!!!


  5. I’m sorry but tge makeup of this team is the main problem, miggy after all these years should be a leader, yeah don’t see that ever happening, dd is the 1st one that needs to be replaced, whole new front office, look at Robbie Ray, excelling now that he’s not under our training- the whole thing needs to implode


  6. It seems hard to imagine that the Tigers veterans are very happy about Brad’s leadership. Who on the team has the stature and the initiative to go to DD or Mr. I and say that it is time to change managers? JV is not a key factor this year, Miggy is not at all articulate in his second language, Price and JD haven’t been on the scene long enough. Maybe Victor?


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